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   Chapter 338 Tired

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But when

the moment she opened the door, Carla felt a bit dizzy.

In a room full of loud music and flickering lights, she found it difficult to focus in such a ruckus.

When her eyes had finally adjusted to her surroundings, she saw a couple, sitting down on the red couch inside.

The man, whom she thought she knew well, now was holding a girl, not very beautiful but seemed very smart. Looking at him, Carla felt like she didn't recognize him anymore.

Terence smiled as he gripped the girl's hand in his while she placed her other hand on his right thigh.

The Terence she knew would never let any other woman touch him. From the looks of it, it seemed he was enjoying it now. The girl whispered something into his ear and he gave her a grin.

It felt all familiar to Carla.

He used to look and smile at her in that way but now he was doing it to someone else. She could hear her heart crack into tiny little pieces.

Her gaze went dark. As if she was possessed by some entity, Carla walked sharply towards them before she could even realize it.

The next thing she knew, she grabbed the girl by the shoulder and yanked her out of Terence's embrace with all the strength she could muster.

Inside the noisy room and the flashing lights, Carla felt her heartbeat ringing up to her ears.

Terence could only stare at Carla and their eyes met. His eyes glittered and immediately shifted away.

He quickly stood up and held the girl, dusting off the dust from her dress. He asked in concern, "Rena, are you alright?"

The girl named Rena nodded and glared at Carla. She replied to Terence, not ripping her eyes off Carla, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Carla could only stare in pain as she watched how Terence cared for the other woman.

She felt she had lost control of herself.

She needed to do something! She couldn't think straight anymore.

Carla's heart pounded along with the pounding sounds of the room. When she noticed the black plug on the wall, she pulled it off without any hesitation.

The lights stopped flashing and the music faded away. Silence filled up the room.

Everyone stopped laughing and dancing. All eyes were laid towards Carla's direction.

"Terence, we need to talk!" Carla spoke out, trying her best to suppress her disappointment and anger. She tried hard to sound natural as if nothing happened.

"Well, if you insi

is eyebrows together. "It doesn't matter. I heard what you just said earlier. There must be some misunderstanding but..."

He paused for a moment and sighed, "But the truth is, I'm tired already, Carla. I don't think I can wait for you anymore. My patience has just run dry.

Even if I can wait for you, my grandfather can't. I have to think about my family. Carla, please forgive me."

Carla's eyes widened, feeling a thousand daggers stab her heart. She cried out, "T-Terence? Is this really you?

I thought you knew me well."

Terence knew well everything behind her engagement with Noah. If he didn't trust her, why did he try so hard to find her again and again?

Terence watched Carla, whose tears were flowing all over her face.

"Do you really think I'll take you back no matter what once Noah gives up on you? Is that what you really think?

If it happened earlier, I would do everything to protect and wait for you. But now, things have changed. I don't have the time and energy anymore."

Terence looked away from her. "Carla, for our sake, please go away."

Carla began sobbing, breaking down.

She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck lightly. "When I was with the Hua family, the only thing that kept me going was you. But then, since you don't want me anymore, I guess all my enduring and efforts were in vain. Please take those words back. Please take me back!"

All of a sudden, Rena pulled her out of Terence's embrace. Carla was thrown to the table next to them with a bang.

"Don't touch my Terence! You don't deserve him!"

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