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   Chapter 337 Back To JA City Temporarily (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7105

Updated: 2019-09-01 13:08

"Carla, is that you?" Theo had been left dumbfounded, as he never would've thought that Carla would actually contact him.

"Yes. Do you have any clue where Terence might be at this moment? I really need to find him as soon as possible," Carla anxiously told him. Looking around the area, it was already quite dark outside. She was afraid to think that if she didn't manage to locate Terence now, then she would end up having to wait until the next morning.

"Well, Carla. I hate to tell you this, but I would just like to remind you that you can't possibly be with Terence anymore. Once things are gone, they're gone forever, and that goes for relationships as well. Why are you being so stubborn?" Considering the fact that Theo was one of Terence's trusted friends, he was also aware of the fact that Carla had actually been engaged with Noah for about three or four months now.

"Theo, I beg of you. Please tell me where Terence is. I desperately need to see him. There's some urgent matters that I have to talk to him about," Carla pleaded.

From the way her voice sounded, it was apparent that she was about to break down.

She had been left with no choice at this point but to find Terence as soon as she possibly could, thinking that it would be best for her to clear things up and let him know that nothing had ever happened between her and Noah.

She just couldn't bear the ceaseless psychological tortures any longer. It was a weight that was much too heavy for her to endure.

"Carla, do you even realize you're putting me in a rather difficult position right now? Look, I get it. Losing the love of your life is much too painful. But just like you, I've been through that as well, so I can understand the pain that you are experiencing right now. Even so, you also have to get your head around the fact that Terence could be feeling quite differently right now compared to how he used to be back then. To tell you the truth, he has actually been getting better and better these days. I can't risk letting you show up in front of him right now," Theo said, trying his best to explain the situation to Car

e would always be a number of girls flocking Terence. If he were to count them all, the total number would probably be off the charts. And now that there was someone by his side to make sure he wasn't feeling down, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing for him.

Upon hearing Carla's response, Theo simply nodded and turned his back to enter the VIP room.

Carla decided to just patiently wait outside the room. But for some reason, despite waiting for so long, no one was walking out of the room.

After a couple more minutes of standing by the door, Theo finally appeared.

"Carla, I'm really sorry. I think you'd better come back home for now. He is much too drunk to talk with you. Why don't you just talk to him tomorrow morning when he sobers up?"

Carla could tell that Theo wasn't just making all of it up. There was nothing he could do about it. Taking a glance inside the room, he held back a deep sigh.

Closing her eyes, Carla heaved a heavy sigh after finding out through Theo that Terence wasn't in any condition to talk to her.

Theo was completely clueless of how she would react to that.

Carla wasn't someone who would just easily let a closed door stop her from seeing him face to face.

All of a sudden, Carla opened her eyes, looking quite resolute. She gently pushed Theo aside, who was standing in front of the door.

Without having any second thoughts, she swung the door open.

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