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   Chapter 336 Back To JA City Temporarily (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 7165

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Upon hearing Noah's threatening statement, Carla felt a bit unsettled as she awkwardly grabbed the bowl and chopsticks he was handing over to her.

She didn't want Noah to take her purity away. When all was said and done, that was the only thing she had left at that very moment.

If that were to happen, the only glimmer of hope she was holding on to would be lost completely.

The only reason Carla decided to stay with the Hua family was that she could take back the things which she thought were rightfully hers. Deep in her mind, she was thinking that only by having those things would she finally be worthy of marrying Terence.

Be that as it may, if it weren't for Terence, she wouldn't have had any reason to persevere.

After making sure that Carla would be willing to eat it, Noah left.

During her stay there, Carla mostly spent her days just lounging at home. Given that there was nothing else she could do, it was as though she was a zombie mindlessly roaming around the house. But in any case, she wasn't the type of person who could just stay in one place for too long. Just until a few weeks ago, she rarely ever got out due to having an injured leg. But this time, despite being fully capable of going for a stroll, she didn't want to go anywhere because she wasn't in the mood to do so.

And it wasn't really like Noah was completely without conscience. Other than the fact that he was checking up on her every morning and evening to know if Carla was eating on time and not starving herself, he had never really forced her into doing something she didn't really want to.

She had just been staying in for about two weeks. In the span of half a month, she couldn't really bring herself to call Terence and talk to him so easily. So, mustering up the courage to do it was not an simple task.

The truth was that she was just so eager to genuinely have a chat with him.

But in spite of that, she couldn't get through to Terence. She wasn't able to reach him. No matter how many times she tried, she just failed to do so every single time.

Then, it suddenly dawned to her that Terence could've probab

I am afraid that you will just end up hurting yourself."

As soon as she was done giving her a piece of her mind, she went back inside the villa, shaking her head, feeling so helpless.

Because Carla couldn't really understand what she meant by that, she still went ahead and hailed a taxi to go to the AJ Building.

Before everything that happened, Carla could just go back and forth into the AJ Building with ease. That being said, when she finally got there, the guards wouldn't let her into the building no matter what she tried to say to them.

So, she thought of calling Rainer and Nathan to ask for their help, but somehow, the calls weren't going through. She wasn't expecting anything like that whatsoever, leading her to think that it must have been Terence who ordered them to place her in the blacklist of their phones.

Given that there wasn't really any other way for her to get inside the building, she had no other choice but to wait in front of the gate of the AJ Building.

Despite persistently waiting outside the gate for quite a long time, she never even saw Terence exit the building. Because of that, she came to the realization that he might not have shown up in the company that day.

"Hello, is this Theo? Do you know where Terence could be right now?"

After contemplating about it for a while, Theo suddenly came to her mind. And luckily for her, she was able to get through to him.

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