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   Chapter 335 Noah's True Face

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"I prepare some food for you, Miss Carla. You haven't eaten anything this evening."

Nola came into Carla's room and brought some supper to her.

Carla was leaning on the bed with both hands on her knees. She had been sitting like this the whole afternoon. Interrupted by Nola, she finally raised her head and looked up, just to realize that it was already dark.

"I don't want to eat anything. Leave me alone and take it with you, please," she said as she looked at the night sky visible from the window.

"Miss Carla, although I don't know what happened, I hope you can be more positive and open-minded. Mr. Terence is very good, but Mr. Noah is also a good man..." Nola's voice faded. She was an observant person. Truth be told, she didn't see what happened with her own eyes.

However, she could vaguely guess the situation everybody was in.

She was betting that Terence and Carla were not really cousins.

Moreover, she thought it was reasonable for Carla to fall in love with Terence as he was an outstanding and handsome man.

"Nola, kindly stop calling me Miss Carla. Just call me by my first name," she posed. Still sitting with her hands on her knees, Carla thought that it was ironic to be called "Miss" as it reminded her that she was Noah's fiancee.

"Umh...Well, okay. Nonetheless, I really think that you should eat something. Your health is still the most important thing to consider regardless of whatever is going on."

Nola walked towards Carla and tried to hand her the bowl of porridge.

But then, Carla shook her head as she didn't have any appetite at all.

"Just take it down, Nola. I'm not hungry. Could you just leave me alone for a moment?" she requested.

A deep sigh escaped Nola's chest. She was left with no other choice but to take the porridge out.

As soon as Nola went out of Carla's room, she found Vicky standing next to the door while waiting for her.

"Did Miss Carla eat the food?"

Nola shook her head and replied, "Take this downstairs. Be alert tonight. We should cook other food once she wakes up hungry later."

Vicky immediately helped Nola close the door. She then followed the aged woman downstairs.

They were already in the middle of the staircase when Vicky suddenly asked, "Nola, do you know anything about Mr. Terence? What's his relationship with our Miss Carla? Why did Mr. Noah become so angry?"

Nola continued walking downstairs. She whispered without turning her head, "Vicky, Miss Carla is our master. As maids, we'd better not discuss our master's things."

"I know that. I just feel curious about it. Could it be that Miss Carla cheated on Mr. N

Noah said in a comforting tone. The woman's reaction didn't even surprise him a bit. He had already imagined this before. However, seeing her sadness and madness over him made him hate himself too.

He instantly regretted all he did to her.

Carla pushed him away and moved backwards a little. She then hugged her own protectively and shouted, "Don't touch me!

Don't touch me, Noah Hua! You wanted to hurt me and succeeded! Do you think I will believe you still?"

Carla's eyes were full of hatred. She exclaimed, "Trusting a person should only happen once. Trusting the same person who had betrayed me before is an outright stupidity!"

Hearing her words, Noah's hand which had stretched out couldn't help but tremble.

He looked down and closed his eyes slowly.

"It doesn't matter whether you believe me or not. I believe in myself anyway," he finally stated.

'There is no way for me to calm her down now. I can't force her to believe me. She must need time to calm down by herself. It's the only way to make her understand how much I love her, ' he thought.

Thinking of that, Noah ended the topic and said to Carla, "Eat something. If you don't want me to feed you. Eat it by yourself." He handed her the bowl and chopsticks but Carla didn't give him any reaction. Thus, he claimed, "Carla, you do know that I am not a good man. If you don't know how to cherish yourself, then there's also no need for me to cherish you.

If you don't eat it, I'll stay here in your room tonight and sleep with you. And I won't just lie beside you, I'll do what a fiance should do!"

Seeing Carla still didn't move at all, Noah then continued in a threatening tone, "Try me, Carla. You can choose not to eat it and I can also choose what to do after."

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