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   Chapter 334 The Rupture

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When Terence heard Noah's words, his anger burst into flames, yet again. He clenched his fist and prepared himself to punch Noah. But Carla came to the rescue and avoided a physical confrontation between the two of them.

"Terence, calm down. You really can't hit him anymore!" Carla shouted, afraid that Terence just might hit Noah to death.

Terence, who was still burning with rage, struggled to control himself. "Carla, what do you mean? Didn't you hear what he said just? Why are you still stopping me despite that?!" he roared with his cold eyes flashing slightly.

"…… Don't tell me what he said was indeed true," Terence stated, his face screaming astonishment and fear concomitantly.

Before Carla could utter another word, Noah, who was sitting on the ground, opened his mouth again.

"Of course, it's true."

Noah wiped the blood around his mouth, and then continued to manufacture his long list of blatant lies. "Carla slept with me every night when you were not with her! Oh, if you don't believe my words, I can prove it. There is a small mole on her back, which can only be seen when she unfastens her underwear belt. I wonder if you've ever noticed it? Have you?"

Noah looked at Carla affectionately after finishing his words. He knew the slightest mistrust he could sow in between them was his victory.

Hearing Noah's words, Terence's eyebrows trembled. He was familiar with every inch of Carla's skin. So he knew that there was indeed a small mole on her back, which was definitely an information privy to very few people. And Noah definitely shouldn't be one of them.

Terence couldn't help but wonder, 'Noah Hua, how do you know that...'

Terence looked at Carla whose eyes still could not conceal her concern for Noah. But after hearing Noah's latest accusation, she shook her head desperately.

"Terence, no! He is lying! Let me explain. Please believe me..." Carla cried.

She had panicked. She wasn't prepared for a level of personal attack to this extent out of nowhere. She was prepared to explain because she was very sure that she had never done anything that may be considered as inappropriate with Noah, but she really could not remember when Noah had seen her mole. She realized that her side of the argument couldn't be effectively defended unless she can explain that.

Terence looked at the woman before him who was trembling in fear and panic but didn't know how to explain. Suddenly, Terence burst into a cold sneer. His deep dark eyes seemed to be filled with disappointment and despair.


"Terence An!"

Carla looked at Terence who turned around and left. She ran to him, grabbed his clothes and attempted to utter something.

But Terence threw her hand away with total disregard.

Terence did not say a word and walked out of the room.

"Carla... Don't cry. I'm still here. I'll always be with you!" Noah said loudly, quite intentionally.

He stood up from the ground and walked towards her.

Carla pushed Noah away and rushed out of the door in spite of the endless stream of tears descending down her cheeks and her injured leg which hadn't fully recovered. She limped down t

ver since she met Terence, he had been the light in her heart.

With him, she never really felt darkness. It was the first time that she felt frozen from the deepest layers of her heart and shivered from head to foot.

As far as her memory was concerned, Terence had never gotten angry with her or treated her so indifferently.

Even though they had occasionally argued about various issues due to disagreements, she had never seen something that could be described as legitimate anger from his eyes. But this time...

She dared not think what she was going to do in the future without Terence.

She regretted her initial decision of having allowed Terence to come in here today. If he hadn't come here today, all these terrible things wouldn't have happened.

Why?! She still laughed with him and called him "Cousin" until the very last moment. He also kissed her affectionately.

But before those memories could fade, her world had been shattered like never before...

Suddenly, Carla seemed to understand why everything turned out to happen like it happened. She looked up and sneered. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her lips tasted salty.

Carla guessed all of this was designed by Noah! She had naively fallen into his ingenious trap!

Other than that, she couldn't reckon another explanation as to how Noah had arrived at her villa as soon as Terence decided to stop by.

So she realized that no matter when Terence came here, as long as she met him, she would inevitably have fallen into Noah's trap!

Noah had been waiting for an opportunity to establish a level of suspicion between them in order to separate her from Terence.

She had been so foolish that she still hold glimmer of hope that Noah would keep his word and bless her and Terence!

Throughout the rest of the day, she stayed in the room in a daze until the grandfather clock in the hallway chimed midnight.

Her thoughts kept wandering aimlessly in a universe filled with misery and sadness until she heard someone knocking on her door, allowing her to escape from her endless string of thoughts into reality.

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