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   Chapter 333 A Tit-for-tat Row

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Orange Characters: 9620

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Noah dashed to the upstairs as soon as Rainer finished talking. Not expecting that reaction from Noah, Rainer ended up running after the man to catch up.

Upon reaching the second floor, Noah saw Carla and Terence embracing each other tightly on the corridor.

Carla subconsciously wanted to push Terence away but lost her chance to escape when Terence's arms tightened a bit more around her.

It had been ages since Noah made it clear that he didn't want her to be intimate with Terence while they were engaged. However, what was going on wasn't something Carla had any control of too.

"Carla, why are you so nervous? Noah has always known that you are mine even before he came. There isn't any need for you to curb at all," whispered Terence in her ears.

He loosened his embrace after he said his words but then remained to hold Carla's hand. The two looked very intimate.

"Well, Mr. Noah, I happen to have something to talk with you. I heard that you had borrowed Carla to be your fiancee for a few days. Although you didn't ask for my permission, I don't want to argue with you for this since you are almost Carla's brother. Nonetheless..."

Terence intentionally stopped and then shot Noah a sharp gaze. There were a lot of untold emotions in his deep-set eyes.

He coldly cocked his head to the side before continuing, "Nonetheless, it has been too long. Isn't it time for you to return my girlfriend to me?"

Noah's hand instantly clenched into a fist and then loosed it. He seemed to be trying his best to control himself from doing something. He then turned to Carla and calmly said, "Callie, I have something to talk with Mr. Terence. Can you go to your room first?"

Confused, Carla looked at him and then shifted her gaze to Terence, who was still beside her.

Seeing no trace of emotions on Terence's handsome face, she silently bowed her head and walked towards her bedroom.

She didn't lock her bedroom door as soon as she came in. Rather, she held her breath as she stood behind it, wanting to hear what the two would be talking about outside.

The atmosphere was heavy on the corridor. The air was almost cracking between the two men.

With a cold face, Noah looked at Terence who was then casually standing against the wall.

He then said, "Don't you think you have gone too far, Terence?"

Terence took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, picked up one and then lit it. He then turned to Noah and smiled sarcastically. He sneered, "I have gone too far? Let's be clear with this. Is it me who has gone too far?"

'How ridiculous! Noah has stolen my girlfriend. Where is he getting the guts to say that I have gone too far?' he angrily thought.

Noah took a step towards Terence. His brown eyes were blazing with anger too. He spat, "I don't care about your relationship with Carla before. But she is my fiance

he might hurt Carla.

Noah's hand slipped from Carla because of the painful attack. He was not even given the chance to react at all. Terence's fists kept on hitting on him heavily.

Frightened to her hilt, Carla screamed.

She covered her eyes to avoid seeing the fierce fight before her. She didn't want to see how the two tried to murder each other because of her.

Noah was losing against Terence. The corner of his eyes was now bleeding. However, he showed no plan of giving up at all.

Terence had no plan of ending his attacks too. Just the thought of what Noah did to Carla was more than enough to make his blood sizzled. He was throwing punch after punch endlessly.

"Terence! Stop!"

Finally getting a grip of herself, Carla rushed to the two men and tried to stop them. Terence heard her scream and got a little distracted. However, he was able to regain himself shortly and prepared to give Noah another punch. Thus, Carla cried, "Stop fighting or it will cost your lives!"

That finally stopped Terence. He stared at Carla and frowned.

"Are you worried about him?" he asked.

Shaking her head, Carla looked at Noah and then nodded. However, she shook her head again. "No, Terence. You must stop fighting now. You should calm yourself."

She cared about Noah to some extent. It was just that she knew that the fight would only worsen if she admitted it. She couldn't let this fight last any longer.

Noah was sitting on the floor as he wiped the blood around his eyes. He finally realized why Marcus couldn't kill him in NF.

"Tsk! Of course, she cares about me.

I am her fiance. You must know that we live and sleep together every day and night. How couldn't she care about me?" he said disdainfully.

He slightly touched the bleeding part near his eye and used his other hand to support him to sit on the floor. Lastly, he gazed at Terence with a defiant evil smile.

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