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   Chapter 332 What Do You Want

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Terence was taken aback by what Carla just said and he stumbled on the doorsteps.

'Since when have I become a cousin to Carla?' he thought to himself.

Not just Terence was caught by a surprise, Nathan and Rainer who were following behind Terence also felt amused when they heard her. They turned away their heads to hold back a chuckle. Their faces turned red as they used all their efforts to control their laughter.

But Carla shouted toward the door again, "Cousin, why don't you come inside?"

Of course, Carla had a reason behind what she had done. She was in company with members of the Hua family.

She was fully aware that Nola and Vicky had been loyal to Noah and would invariably take his side. The consequences of the two of them coming to know about her real relationship with Terence were clear in Carla's mind.

Hence, Carla applied her presence of mind and decided to cover up the truth for the time being.

"Oh! So, he's your cousin. That explains,"

Nola heaved a sigh of relief. She was initially on the alert. She always felt a little uncomfortable and skeptical about Carla's relationship with Terence, but the way Carla addressed Terence finally let her guard down.

Vicky shared a glance with Nola that revealed that even she had the same opinion about Carla and Terrence. Even she showed her relief as she then warmly nodded toward Terence, who was stepping in. "Please take a seat. I'll get you some tea," Vicky greeted Terence, reaching out her hand to show him the way. Then Nola and Vicky walked into the kitchen.

Carla was seated on the sofa munching on a cake. She casually wiped her hand across her mouth before standing up to greet Terence with a big grin.

Terence smiled back. In fact, he meant to smile but it came out as a twitch on his lips.

He looked around the room and noticed the friendly rustic look as he stepped toward the sofa placed in front of the French window. He found that the room was quite Carla's style.

When Terence approached Carla, Carla quietly pointed to the sofa on the other side; he noticed and spun around accordingly.

Nola and Vicky were still in the kitchen, just on the other side of the wall. They could come out at any minute. Carla had to be cautious not to give things away.

Settling down on the sofa, Terence faced Carla and said under his breath, "How come I become your cousin? Why not ex-boyfriend?"

Carla took a bite of cake before she explained to him with a secret smile, "It would sound complicated if I say ex-boyfriend. I'd rather prefer to call you cousin. It gives a familial feel."

Then, Vicky came up to them with a cup of tea in her hand and set it on the top of the table in front of Te

ng her craving for more.

Standing on her tiptoe, Carla instinctively responded to him and her hand moved slowly over his coat.

They enjoyed the moment and gave themselves over to the passionate smooch and almost forgot where they were.

Terence gasped. He stopped to press his forehead against hers and looked down at her. "Carla, tell me once more. Did you miss me during these days?" he murmured in an intense voice.

"Yes, I missed you so much,"

Carla replied plainly, looking back into his eyes.

There was no doubt that she missed him every day, every minute, especially every night.

"I missed you, missed your kiss, your eyes, and the feelings when you embrace me..."

Her voice trembled and she went red on her face while she confessed it. It was difficult for her to say these words aloud. But when he asked in such an intense manner, she suddenly gained her strength to speak it out.

Terence listened carefully and couldn't suppress his passion for her. He stroked her delicate face with his hand and his dark eyes tightly held her gaze.

"I thought I would never fall in love with anyone. But when I met you, I felt that my life would have regrets if I couldn't experience the feeling of true love," he stated.

"Even though we might suffer in love, the moments we spend with each other are by far the happiest moments of our lives."

Like everything else, even love comes with its share of happiness and suffering. One has to take it in his stride—much like when a man takes a sip of drugs and then gets addicted to it.

They stood motionless, looking into each other's eyes. Then suddenly, a commotion downstairs brought them back from the reverie, and they heard Rainer's voice.

"Mr. Noah, please wait. Mr. Terence and Miss Carla are having a talk upstairs."

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