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   Chapter 331 Hi, Cousin!

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"Uncle Terence? Uncle Terence..."

Amanda looked at Terence who was leaving from the office and tried to follow him, but Rainer stopped her at the door.

"Miss Amanda, please stop," Rainer said politely. Slightly bowing his head with a smile, he explained, "Mr. Terence is going to an important meeting, so I think you'd better go home first, Miss Amanda."

Rainer had gotten accustomed to making up all kinds of excuses to persuade Amanda to go home these days.

But he'd realized that Amanda was really patient. She came to Terence's office every single day even though he didn't treat her well. If Terence wasn't here, she would stay and wait for him.

"Rainer, can you tell me why Uncle Terence doesn't like me? Is Carla really better than me?"

Amanda asked as she looked at the empty corridor in front of her in disappointment.

"Miss Amanda, there is no competition in love. And once Mr. Terence has decided on something, he will stick to it. He's not one to change his decisions."

After finishing his words, Rainer said goodbye to Amanda and walked to the elevator.

Amanda sighed and bowed her head.

In front of the AJ Building, Terence and Nathan were waiting in the car for Rainer. When Terence saw Rainer running out of the building in a hurry, he looked at his watch again and calculated the time it would take from here to HA City.

As soon as Rainer got into the car, Terence asked Nathan to start the car.

However, things didn't go as smoothly as Terence had expected.

When Nathan called the staff in charge of Terence's private plane to prepare to fly to HA City, he received some bad news. "Mr. Terence, Mr. Edmund has stopped your personal plane.

He said that you can go anywhere but HA City," Nathan said, turning to Terence.

Terence raised his eyebrows. "Ask them who their boss is! If they're willing to listen to my father's words over mine, they can go and work for him. It's not like there's a lack of people who can fly a plane."

Nathan nodded. "Okay, Mr. Terence."

"Drive to Seaview Villa first. Rainer, give me the Hua Group's recent progress report." Terence temporarily put his own company's transaction documents aside.

Then, he began to look through the Hua Group's progress report.

"Mr. Terence, it seems that the Hua Group has undertaken a big project. It is rumored that Noah is going to buy a joint venture electronics company with a large sum of money. But his motive for doing that is confidential, so we don't have that information," Rainer reported.

Since it was a secret that only the topmost members of the Hua Group knew about, Raine

lso came over to the window to see who was coming.

The two maids were both curious about who the owner of the luxurious car was.

Carla wasn't sure about who the one was either. 'Terence said he would come here after finishing his work, so he should be arriving here in the evening. But who else would come to this villa?' she wondered.

When she saw Rainer get out of the car and open the backseat door, she was sure that Terence was here.

'Why has he come here so early?' she thought to herself.

"These people seem like trouble. Miss Carla, shall I inform Mrs. Andrea?" Nola asked.

"I think it's better to inform Mr. Noah!" Vicky also showed concern.

Nola and Vicky both didn't know Terence, so they were afraid that he would harm Carla.

In their eyes, this car had entered the villa in an aggressive way. Normally, guests would stop at the door and ask the owner for permission before coming in.

Moreover, Nathan, who had gotten out of the car, had a dark and cold face. This immediately made Nola and Vicky worry that the men in the car were from an illegal organization.

"Don't be nervous. It's cousin! He knows that I've moved here, so he must have come to visit me!"

Carla explained immediately, stopping Vicky from calling Noah.

'Both of these maids come from the Hua family and know that I'm Noah's fiancee, so I can't...

Oh, no!' she thought to herself.

Carla saw Terence step out of the car and stare at her through the window. She could almost feel the uncontrollable flame shining in his starry eyes.

Terence began walking toward the villa in a grand mood as if he had just come back to his own house.

But right before he reached the door, he heard a strange greeting. "Hi, cousin!"

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