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   Chapter 330 The Plan Failed

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Although Carla had tried to convince him strenuously on the phone, Terence posed only one word as his reply.


Terence denied Carla's plan at the very outset.

"Why? I had specially chosen a new house near the school for Sean's convenience. And the education quality of this private school is excellent too. I just want Sean to be able to live with me!"

Carla said with a frown. She didn't expect Terence to refuse her proposal. She was crestfallen.

She knew that her plan would fail miserably if Sean wouldn't live with her.

"Carla, are you going to live in HA City for your entire lifetime? Is that your ingenious plan?" Terence asked, mockingly.

He knew she had planned cautiously, but he firmly believed that it wasn't the right thing for her to do at the moment.

"... No, I won't live here forever. But I will live here for at least another two years with regard to the current situation," Carla answered after thinking for a while, with much hesitation.

As she had planned earlier, she would go to work in Hua Group as soon as her leg recovered fully. And once she began to work in Hua Group, she would logically have to stay in HA City for a significant period of time.

"Okay, that's what I wanted to hear. Now that you've agreed that you won't be staying in HA City for a long time, I think it's unnecessary to force Sean to change his school once again," Terence stated plainly.

He swayed his office chair around and continued on the phone, "You just need to stay there for perhaps another two years. I think it will be better for all of us and Sean if you won't let him change his school again. He has changed his school twice as a primary student. Do you think it's appropriate for him to switch schools yet again? He will further take a lot of time to adapt to the new surroundings. It might adversely affect his education in the long run."

After hearing his words, Carla was out of words. She kept biting her lips reflexively.

There were two reasons for her desire to move away from the Hua family without any hesitation. Firstly, she wanted more freedom. Secondly, she was eager to make Sean move into HA City and live with her.

However, after talking with Terence, she came to the conclusion that his words were perfectly reasonable.

She did usually talk to Sean on the phone after having moved to HA City. She always heard Sean talk about his friends in the school happily. If she was to make Sean move to HA City suddenly, she was worried that Sean would have to adapt to the new environment again.

"Okay, let's change the topic of discussion. Where is your new house? Send your address to me. When I finish my work, I can come to sleep...oh no... I mean, accompany you," Terence said with a snicker.

Carla couldn't help but burst into laughter when she heard him make a slip of tongue. She said, "Thank you. But I don't care whe

g just a young girl. I'm a man of about thirty years old. Do you think they can change my decision?"

Amanda didn't answer Terence, so he continued, "Amanda, I can tell you clearly. In my eyes, you are always a child. I can only treat you as my loving niece. Our elders cannot decide my partner. If I marry you, I'll feel like I'm committing incest. Do you understand me?"

Amanda thought Terence had taken this thing too seriously, so she subconsciously shook her head. "Uncle Terence, don't say that. I am not related to you by blood. You can't describe our plausible marriage in that manner..."

"But I just feel like that. And that will definitely make me uncomfortable for an entire lifetime. Just like you always call me Uncle Terence reflexively without giving much thought to it, I too have always held in my mind that you are just my niece. Our relationship can't be changed! We are just uncle and niece!" Terence claimed firmly. He wasn't willing for any negotiation on this regard.

Then, he stood up and shut the pile of documents that were kept open on the table.

"Amanda, the elders' wishes and demands can't control me. I'll only become increasingly hateful of you. You know I like you as my sweet niece. And you also know I'm not a man who will give up my decisions easily.

As your uncle, I hope you can bless me. Bless me that I can marry your Aunt Carla as soon as possible. When I get married to your Aunt Carla, I definitely won't hate you anymore."

After finishing his words, Terence took his coat and walked out of his office. He didn't want to waste his time with a little girl any longer and continue creating any more confusion.

It was better to go home and prepare the things he needed to take to Carla than waste his time here with his niece.

Dusk hadn't yet arrived. He was glad he could go to accompany Carla earlier today! The thought of it instantly brought a beaming smile to his face.

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