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   Chapter 329 Arrangements for Carla

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Andrea had a serious look on her face as if she was pondering something. Carla could only look at her mother.

She felt a bit confused and then asked, "Mother, are you still expecting me to marry Noah?"

Nervousness filled Carla's inside but she tried her best not to show how tense she was getting.

A gentle smile graced on Andrea's features. "Oh goodness, no! Callie, you are the most precious girl to me. Forcing you to marry someone you don't love is something that never crosses my mind. Don't worry about it."

"Well, what's the matter?"

Carla felt secretly relieved.

She thought to herself, 'As long as she doesn't force me to get married to Noah, I can probably trust anything she would say.'

Andrea studied her daughter's features longingly then she stood up and went to the safe. She took out a thick document which was carefully wrapped in kraft paper.

"Callie, you should take a look at these documents. It indicates all the industries that our Hua Group is in. Every shop and every patent are here. Not to mention, there are also some things here that Noah doesn't know."

Andrea lowered her gaze, held the document gingerly and kept talking to Carla, "Your grandfather and your father had put so much of their energy and efforts into these industries. There were so many things bounded in this document. Some pages are getting loose and scattered everywhere."

"I see," Carla muttered in awe. Andrea looked up at Carla, continuing, "Callie, your leg is almost all right. I know it may be difficult at the beginning. But I hope...

I hope you can work in the Hua Group. I know that everything needs to start somewhere and we can't simply rely on York and Noah for everything!

I believe in you, my child. And I am proud of you. I pray that you will have influence and power within the company, so that when things get difficult, you won't be at loss."

Looking at Carla, she gave a tearful smile. "The Hua Group may fall apart and that's the worst thing that can happen. I love you and I want to help you get what you truly deserve."

Andrea and Allen had worked for the Hua Group for a long time. Thus, they had a lot of experiences within the group.

'The Hua family may be at the top today but the future is uncertain. Who knows? What if it becomes desolate?

Instead of letting the Hua Group fall into the hands of others, it's best to let Callie take it over.

In the end, Callie will have to depend on herself, ' Andrea thought to herself.

"Mother, I agree with you. But as I have mentioned earlier, I lack the skills and the experience in managing a company. Aside from that, my current identity isn't allowed to be disclosed to public for now. How will I be able to enter the company?"

Actually, the

at the villa wasn't as magnificent as Terrence's. However, it was small and cozy and it was very much to her liking.

'There's no need to occupy too much land.

Besides, it's enough for a big family to live here.

To make it exciting, only Sean and I will live here!' Carla thought.

She also found out that there were neighbors who lived with their own families. After all, the area was located near HA City's exclusive school. Some of the city's wealthy families lived there as well.

She found it good. Having more people living around made it less desolate.

Then she wondered, 'The Seaview Villa was a bit lonely but then, he prefers quiet places.'

Carla was overjoyed that she finally had a house of her own. She recalled the times she and Sean lived in a small apartment and she was struggling to pay the rent.

The two-story house was built and decorated in an idyllic style.There was a garden full of plants and flowers outside. There was also an underground garage.

It was close to the mountains. And the terrain wasn't very high. One could be at peace once they saw the broad view of the mountains, spreading out like a green blanket.

If one went further, there was a stream with clear water. It wasn't deep and it stretched miles longs.

Carla couldn't help but admire the scenery before her.

Due to her difficulty in walking, as promised, Andrea arranged two servants to take care of Carla as soon as she moved there.

Noah didn't say anything when he heard that Carla was moving out of the Hua family. He came over in person and brought her common household items in order to help her start.

At Carla's first day in the villa, she spent it with Andrea.

The next day, Carla smiled as she dialed Terence's number. She couldn't wait to discuss with him about Sean's school transfer to HA City.

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