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   Chapter 328 A Deep Conversation Between A Mother And A Daughter

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Bonnie shrieked hysterically.

Hearing that, Andrea closed her eyes with a bitter taste in her mouth. Nobody could understand her pain.

"Bonnie, you are adopted, but you know how well I've always treated you.

Carla is my biological daughter. If she wasn't..."

Andrea paused, overwhelmed by emotion.

Then, she continued, "If we hadn't lost Carla back then, you wouldn't have enjoyed everything you own today. You should cherish the life you have and be grateful. How could you say something like that?

Carla... She has suffered so much in the past 23 years. Look at you, what have you suffered?"

If Allen and Andrea hadn't lost Carla, they wouldn't have adopted these children. Without them, none of these children would be living the wealthy life they had now.

What the Hua family had given them was probably something that their biological families never would have been able to offer, no matter how hard they tried.

But those little bastards weren't grateful at all.

Instead, they wanted more.

How dare Bonnie say something like that outright?

It came as a heavy blow to Andrea.

Thinking of all those years she'd spent raising them, Andrea couldn't help but shed tears.

All the years she'd spent had come to this.

Noah had made great contributions to their family business, so he was in charge of the Hua family. He'd even forced Allen to promise his biological daughter's hand in marriage to him on the hospital bed before Allen died.

York had always disliked Noah being in charge and was planning to overthrow him.

The youngest one, Tristan, was a playboy who didn't care about anything but having fun.

The only daughter, Bonnie, was the sweetest of the four, but even she had said something offensive and outrageous to Andrea today.

Andrea felt like a part of her had died.

'Allen, how can you leave the world so early and leave me to deal with this huge mess by myself?

Since we didn't have any children back then, we adopted a few.

I thought we'd brought them up well to continue the bloodline of the family but they've all turned out to be ungrateful bastards, ' Andrea cried in her heart.

"Bonnie, I suggest you calm down. The past is past. You and Carla are sisters now. I hope you can get along well with her,"

said Andrea before she closed her eyes, exhaled a deep sigh, and walked outside.

Bonnie stood still, bit her lip, and let out a cold laugh. 'Get along with her?

She took everything. How can I get along with her?' Bonnie thought to herself.

A while later, Carla knocked on the door of Andrea's ro


Since my foster parents died when I was young, Sean has been living with me. He is my only family from that side. I can't leave him alone! And I definitely don't want him to know that I'm not related to him."

Andrea had been scared at first that Carla was leaving her, but after hearing Carla's explanation, she calmed down. After all, Carla's words were reasonable.

"Okay, I get it. I respect your decision."

Andrea knew that Carla was an adult and could live her life as she pleased. She had no right to trap Carla because of her selfishness.

Since Andrea understood and approved of her decision, Carla nodded with delight. "Mother, I know that we have a villa in the south of the suburban area in HA City. It's close to the mountain and the river and has a great scenery. Besides, there's a famous private school next to it. Can I move there?"

She had already been thinking about moving out of this house for several days, so she'd investigated about the property the Hua family had in HA City.

The villa that had come up was one of the properties.

"You've been thinking about this for a while, right?

Sure, no problem!

That villa will be perfect for you. We originally bought that land because a master said that it was a good location to invest in. But after the villa was built, we never have the chance to live there. Leaving the villa to you will be the best decision ever." Andrea gently patted Carla's hand and smiled.

Then, her face turned serious.

With some hesitation, she continued. "There's one thing that I've always wanted to talk to you about. I'm not sure whether you'll accept it or not. Oh, don't worry! It has nothing to do with the villa. The villa is already yours."

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