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   Chapter 327 I'm The Unwanted One!

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Upon going upstairs, Terence found that the handrails he installed had been removed. That made him a bit mad. Thus, he frowned and looked at Rainer who was following him.

"Who removed the handrails?" he asked.

"It's Mr. Edmund who asked for the handrails to be removed, Mr. Terence," Rainer answered as he immediately bowed his head.

He then continued, "I've heard that Mr. Edmund came here early this afternoon.

Sophie said that he called someone to remove the handrails after checking the whole house."

Clenching his fist, Terence walked towards his bedroom without saying any word.

"Mr. Terence, Mr. Edmund also asked me to tell you that...

You must marry Miss Amanda even if it's against your will."

Making Terence mad was way out of Rainer's plan. Thus, he shut his eyes tightly when he said those words. He might as well be ready just in case Terence turned violent and punch him.

Although Rainer knew well those words would definitely infuriate Terence, he thought that it was better for Terence to know about that so he could mentally prepare himself.

Unfortunately, Terence already shut the door even before hearing what Rainer said.

When Rainer opened his eyes, all he could see was nothing but an empty corridor.

'Mr. Terence is really pathetic. His romance with Miss Carla could even pass for a drama show, ' he thought.

With that in mind, Rainer sighed and prepared to leave. It was then that he heard someone called him.


Turning to the source of that call, he saw Sean's door opened slightly. Then slowly, the little guy's head peeked from the slim space between the door and the frame as if he was a spy.

Realizing what was going on stunned Rainer for a while. 'Goodness! I said those words for Mr. Terence, not Sean! Why did this little man have to hear that?'

"Umm, Sean, why haven't you gone to bed?" he tried to act casually. He could clearly sense his need to avoid the child.

Unfortunately, Sean pushed his bedroom door open and ran towards him instead.

"I heard what you said just now, Rainer. What did you mean?"

"Oh yeah! That was a joke!" he lied with a fake smile. He then added, "Sean, it's late. You should sleep early." After saying those, he immediately turned away in hopes to leave.

But then Sean grabbed his sleeves just as quickly too and made him turn back.

"Can't you just tell me what's going on? I'm a big boy now. I'll understand. Did my sister and Terence argue again? Is that the reason why Terence's father wanted him to marry another woman?"

Those were just guesses of Sean. Sean had been staying in the Seaview Villa for a long time. Thus, he knew that Edmund was Terence's father.



red. It was then that tears began falling from her eyes as she looked at Andrea. "If I am really the apple of your eyes then you won't give me just five percent of the company's stock. But look at what you've done! You gave that woman fifty percent!

You cannot deny it, mother! You care more about Carla Ji!" She then angrily wiped her tears with the back of her hand and continued, "You want to hand her everything the Hua family has. You don't need me!

I even doubt whether you would adopt me if you knew that your biological daughter would come back!

You said you care about me, love me. You were lying! There was no place here for me anymore since she came back..."

A loud sound echoed in the room when Andrea slapped Bonnie right after she talked.

"I have always educated you to be grateful and kind, Bonnie Hua. You have disappointed me.

Can you still remember what I said?!" Amid her stinging hand, Andrea's tears fell. "Didn't you see how much I love you all these years? I have treated you well! I have loved you for two long decades!

I've treated you like you are my own daughter. I have never scolded you even if you made mistakes. It was because of your conflict with Carla and impulsiveness that I sent you abroad. What I did was all for your good!"

Bonnie covered her swollen cheek. She smiled sarcastically and answered, "For my good? Was that for my good? Liar! Don't lie to me anymore! You only care about your biological daughter now! You don't love me anymore. You can't even remember that I am your daughter too!"

Her sarcastically sad smile went broader as she shouted, "Noah only cared about her since she came. York and Tristan aren't coming home anymore! This is not our home anymore! Our home is gone!"

That was it. Bonnie had finally lost all of her control.

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