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   Chapter 326 I Don't Mind Having A Step-Mother

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"Did you just..."

Edmund felt a lump inside his throat as he pointed a shaking finger at Terence.

He proceeded to take deep breath before speaking, "Terence, do you know what dignity is? Now that Carla is already engaged to someone else. Why do you keep flying back to HA City?

What would other people think? My son can't find a wife for himself? There are so many beautiful women waiting for you and you can keep your options open. You can easily find yourself one considering your status."

Terence only sat there with his legs crossed. His father's words would enter one ear and then go out the next. After all, he didn't have any regard to his words. He only stared at his reflection in the teacup, hoping the sermon would end quickly.

"I understand that you and Carla went through so many things and you like her very much. However, life is unpredictable. It's just that you two are not meant to be. This time around, you cannot blame me not to let you be together."

Edmund looked up at his son. Terence nonchalantly sipped his tea, not minding his words. Edmund's body began to shake in anger.

Nonetheless, he continued, "I don't care what the reason was for Carla got engaged with Noah. But look at the aftermath! She is not yours anymore. Stop being so hung up on that woman. Stop being an idiot!" Edmund's voice trembled in annoyance since he was helpless on what to do with his son.

A smile crept on Terence lips as he placed the cup on the table. "Then you can blame yourself. It seems like your genes are strong in my blood."


Edmund sighed.

"You have to listen to me. What happened has happened. You need to move forward. I have heard that if it hadn't been because of Allen's death, Carla would have already married Noah now. Although they're only engaged now, nothing will change. They'll definitely get married. What do you even expect?"

After a few minutes of silence, Edmund's chest felt lighter.

He continued, "It's best to give up on Carla now before she gets married to Noah and bears his children."

Terence only frowned and answered, "It would be impossible. Even if Carla will get pregnant, it's going to be my child."

Hearing others connect Carla with Noah made Terence feel uncomfortable.

Edmund sneered, laughing, "That's real

nough to get married but you can also find a woman to get married to. After all, you're not tied down to anyone. I don't mind having a stepmother who's a few years younger than me.

Besides, in rich and influential families, there are many May-December marriages. Even a man like you who is already in his 50s can find a beautiful young woman to settle down with!"

Terence stood up and gave a slight smirk. "No need to worry about me. I won't call your new wife as 'mom', alright? However, I'll call her as step-mom."

Terence put his hands in his pockets and walked away cockily. He smiled to himself as he walked to the lift at the other side of the room.

Edmund trembled in anger. He thought, 'I am his father! How dare he say such words?'

"Mr. Edmund, are you alright?"

Rainer asked out of concern when he saw that the latter was shaking.

It made him ponder, 'Why is Mr. Edmund acting like this? Did he get excited about marrying a young girl?

Well, that's reasonable. Amanda is around thirty years younger than him and this kind of wedding arrangement will be kind of exciting.'

Edmund sat down for few minutes and took deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Rainer, tell your boss that this matter has already been decided. He has to marry Amanda before the year ends and there won't be any take-backs! If he doesn't obey me, then I will try everything in my power to make this marriage a success!" Edmund blurted out and Rainer could only nod.

Then Edmund finally stood up and left without any hesitation.

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