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   Chapter 324 First Fight For Her Love

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Carla's heartbeat doubled upon seeing Noah walked towards her. Subconsciously, she stepped back a little.

"Carla, are you telling me that my fiancee is far less important than my friend?" Noah asked.

Seeing Noah's dimmed face made Carla step back again. She then shook her head and stuttered, "No, I didn't mean that. I mean... What I'm trying to say is that I will try to avoid having conflicts with your friends from now on.

Noah, please don't..."

This was the first time she feared Noah. She had always thought that men who were not easily angered had tendencies to be scarier than ordinary once they did.

Thus, she couldn't tell if Noah would lose his control and resort to hurting her at the moment. As if it had a mind of its own, one of her arms moved by itself covering her face to protect herself.

However, Noah just shrugged upon seeing her reaction and grabbed her arm. "Carla, do know how much I'm blaming myself for hurting you today?

I hate myself for not protecting you! You are my fiancee but I let you get hurt!

I was so used to being alone and I honestly don't have any clue in taking care of a woman," Noah shouted while gritting his teeth.

Over the past years, all he did was to net people who would do him favors.

Putting his interest first whenever he faced something had been one of his habits.

Trina, as for a good example, was an influential artist who had helped him with his business in more ways than one.

It was that bad habit that took the best of him earlier. Thus, he lost his control. There was that faint voice inside his head earlier that was telling him not to make conflicts with Trina because he needed her, for business.

"I'll do my best to change myself little by little. Forgive me this time, Carla, please."

Noah's voice became gentle as he tried to pull Carla closer to him.

What happened a while ago made him realize a lot of things.

He was fighting for Carla's love against Terence and it was more than obvious that he had lost this round.

Nonetheless, he promised himself to win next time.

Carla felt her heart quivered. She bowed her head, blinked her eyes, and then took a deep breath. She reminded herself to stay acting naturally and said, "There's no need to change yourself for me, Noah.

Really! It is clear to us that our engagement is just our father's wish before he died. It's just a ceremony. You don't need to take it seriously. It's okay to be yourself, Noah. It's not your responsibility to change for me."

Noah's gra

f she wouldn't say a thing.

Moreover, he never wanted to hide anything. He was her man in the first place. He got all the rights in the world to date her woman anytime and anywhere.

Terence's judgment about this was right. Noah indeed knew that Carla was with him the whole afternoon.

HA City was Noah's territory. He knew everything going on in his place like it was the back of his hand.

Noah was having dinner with his clients that evening when he received some pictures from his subordinates.

They were photos of Carla and Terence, leaning on each other romantically. He was instantly at rage upon seeing the pictures that he almost broke his phone.

How could Terence be so bold to date his fiancee within his territory?

Noah could only guess how embarrassing it would be for him if these pictures were publicized!

The anger and pain made him drink a lot that night. He didn't drive home after that and decided to go to the Hua family instead.

Meanwhile, Carla was in a good mood at that time.

She was so worried that Terence might be angry at her before. However, he came today and stayed with her to reassure that things were okay. She was more than relief.

She was lying on her bed while reading a book.

She was comfortable and beginning to enjoy the romantic novel in her hands when she heard someone knocking on the door.

She heard the door opened shortly.

Since it wasn't late-night yet, Carla hadn't really thought of locking her bedroom.

Lazily, she turned to the door and was taken aback by what she saw.

It was Noah, who was looking a bit out of himself while staring at her. Thus, she asked, "Noah, are you... are you drunk?"

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