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   Chapter 323 Are You Satisfied

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10385

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Noah took Carla to the hospital.

Carla continuously gnashed her teeth in great pain. It took a while before the doctor could give her an X-ray examination and help restore her injured leg.

After a series of tests, the doctor told Noah and Carla patiently, "Fortunately, the injury is not that serious and you came here just in time. However, you must be careful not to use this injured leg that much. Otherwise, complications are most likely to occur and the problem will become much more complicated than it already is."

Carla looked down and responded, "Certainly, I will remember that, doctor. I'll be careful so that there won't be another accident in the future."

When the doctor left, Noah focused his attention on Carla with immense guilt.

He sincerely said, "I'm so sorry, Carla. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have pulled you."

Because Carla had just undergone a series of treatment, she was still in great pain. She laid against the wall and forced a tight smile before saying, "Noah, don't blame yourself. It was because of my disobedience.

If I had been much more tolerant when Trina said those cruel words, then nothing would have happened. I shouldn't have been so agitated and lost my temper at that time."

While listening to Carla, Noah frowned. He didn't say anything but his face darkened.

"Noah, to tell you the truth, I should be the one apologizing to you. The next time when I go out with you, I promise you that I will control my temper and I will never lose control like that. And if anyone says anything harsh to me, I'll just ignore it. I promise that I would never bring trouble to you," Carla stated calmly.

A bitter smile showed up on her face. She sat up and reached out to pick up her cane.

To hide his emotions, Noah sealed his lips tightly. But still, he leaned down to scoop up Carla and take her out of the surgery room.

Just then, Noah realized something.

He thought to himself, 'I should have smashed all of Trina's trophies. If I did, then Carla wouldn't feel so upset anymore.

I should have stood firmly with Carla and protected her. Instead, I was so stupid and just kept on defending Trina. I didn't consider that it might have hurt Carla very deeply.

Since Trina has been my friend for so many years I didn't mean to ruin my relationship with her but then, what I didn't consider was how it would affect my relationship with Carla. There wasn't anything I could do to make both of them happy at the same time. However, I should have immediately noticed Carla's emotions when Trina started criticizing her.

And I should have walked away at the beginning and removed Carla from that situation without looking back.

Carla has her own dignity and moral integrity which are to protect herself from being mistreated by others. And with what happened today, I could only guess how much it affected her.

What a big mistake that I've made.'

On their way back home, they happened to pass by the exhibition. Both of them saw a big fire in the clearing outside the exhibition.

It was only five minutes after they left the hos

stared at the car driving away from him.

Carla saw that Terence took out his phone again.

Just at the same time, her phone rang.

Without a doubt, it was Terence.

He said, "Carla, stay at home this afternoon. I'm going to pick you up."

There was no clear emotion in his voice. Terence hung up and looked at the Land Rover that was driving away.

Inside the Land Rover, there was a dead silence since the phone call with Terence ended.

She glanced at Noah who seemed to be focused on driving. Carla found that unlike the gentleness and elegance that she used to see on Noah's face, there was no expression at that time.

She didn't know what to say so she just kept silent. It was so quiet that even the sound of their breaths could be heard inside the car.

Noah didn't drive Carla to the Hua family's mansion. He stopped at the house he was living in.

When they arrived, Noah got out of the car and carried her to her room upstairs. When she had settled for a while, he said in a soft voice, "Have a rest here. It's almost time for lunch. I'm going to tell them to prepare something."


Carla mumbled to stop him from leaving. She let out a sigh and lowered her head slowly.

She seemed to be quite guilty and said, "I'm so sorry. Trina is your friend and I shouldn't have fought with her."

Noah stopped at the door of her room. However, he didn't turn towards Carla's direction so she couldn't see his expression.

"Carla, what happened today was entirely my fault. I shouldn't have taken you to the exhibition," Noah said.

"No, no. Don't say that. Noah, I know that you took me there so I could relax. I am well aware of your kindness. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have offended your friend. I will try to control my temper from now on. As long as they are your friends, I will never make them unhappy. I promise," Carla sincerely said.

She didn't know what Noah was thinking at that time.

And she didn't guess that just as she finished her words, Noah would suddenly turn to her direction and walk towards her.

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