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   Chapter 322 Burn All Of The Paintings

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"I'm sorry. Trina's just like that. I hope you won't hold grudges on her," said Noah.

"Don't be, Noah. She's right. I am indeed a nobody and I don't deserve you.

I am very different from Trina who's a famous award-winning painter," Carla replied as she pushed Noah's hand away.

She then silently walked to the showcase where Trina's certificates and trophies were displayed.

Seeing Carla walking to her showcase, Trina immediately handed the cleaning kit to the staff and walked towards the showcase too. She was worried about trophies.

Those trophies were fragile and extremely valuable. It would definitely break her heart if any of them got broken.

Trina was in the middle of her thought when she saw that Carla was about to reach one of her trophies. Worse, it was the one that valued the most, the Orchid Prize trophy!

Having this award was a big deal within the artists' circle. It was a great honor.

Carla could easily reach the trophy since it wasn't kept in a glass box. She couldn't help being fascinated with it since she had also heard about its high value. It was a luck to finally see the prestigious Orchid Prize in person.

"Noah, please tell your fiancee to take her hand away from my things. She can't touch that trophy!" shouted Trina.

The Orchid Prize was kept on the higher rack of the shelf for the longest time and nobody had dared to touch it before. Thus, Trina never thought about putting it inside a protective case.

Most people who visited her gallery were rich and well-mannered.

However, Carla was an anomaly and never had Trina expected for a vulgar like Carla to lay a finger on her precious Orchid Prize.

Holding the heavy trophy in her hand, Carla scrutinized every detail of it. She had to admit that the Orchid Prize was indeed a very nice trophy. But then, why did a petty and arrogant person like Trina receive it?

"Carla, hand me the trophy."

Noah walked over and reached out his hand. "This trophy is important to Trina. Let's put it back."

Disappointment flooded Carla's face as she turned to Noah. "So you think I'm not qualified to even touch the trophy too?"

"No, that's not what I mean. You can do whatever you like to it if it is mine. However, it belongs to someone else. You can't..."

"That's right. You're not qualified to touch it," Tina interrupted even before Noah finished his words.

She shot Carla with a disdainful stare then walked towards the two. She then reached for the trophy while hissing, "The Orchid Prize is for th

n they finally walked out of the gallery, Noah turned to check on her. Beads of sweat were rolling down from Carla's forehead.

He was so angry back then that he forgot about her injured leg and just pulled her out.

"Carla, what's wrong?"

At this time, Carla was hurting so much that she couldn't even speak. She bit her lips hard and just silently bore the pain.

She was waiting for Noah to find out himself.

"Noah, Take me to the hospital. My leg hurts,"

She finally muttered after a couple of seconds. She couldn't take it anymore as the stinging in her leg got unbearable.

Seeing her pale face alarmed him, Noah instantly forgot about the incident inside the gallery and took Carla to the car.

Just when they left, a Bentley pulled over before the gallery.

"Mr. Terence, Miss Carla didn't seem well,"

informed Rainer as he watched Noah's car leaving. Terence, who was sitting at the back, furrowed his eyebrows and put his crossed legs down.

He started to watch the video sent to his laptop.

Soon, his eyes darkened. He stroked his chin and pulled off one earphone. He ordered, "Buy all the paintings in the gallery, Rainer. And burn them all in public."

The videotape was sent by one of his informants whom he asked to follow Carla.

"By the way, there's a showcase in the south of the gallery. Break all the trophies inside. Make sure to break every single one."

Surprised, Rainer was speechless for a while. "But, they don't sell the trophies. How can I..."

"Use your brains! Let Nathan teach you!"

said Terence, with a deep voice.

Nathan didn't say anything but opened the door of the car. He got off and headed into the gallery.

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