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   Chapter 321 It's Not Enough To Cure My Lovesickness

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 8679

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'Noah, since you dared to get engaged to my woman, you should bear the consequences.

I'm going to sleep with Carla in your own home tonight. And I will come here many more times in the future. I don't think you'll be able to bear that!

I'll not only win you in business but also seize Carla's heart tightly! You'll definitely voluntarily give up this engagement one day!' Terence thought to himself.

"But Auntie Andrea is also living in this house. If she finds out that I'm in bed with you, how can I face her in the future?" Carla whispered.

She knew how bold Terence was. As long as he dared to do something, he wouldn't be afraid of gossip.

"What are you afraid of? I'm glad to let my future mother-in-law see how intimate we are. I believe she will also be pleased with this," Terence said. He turned off the light and pulled Carla into his arms.

Then, remembering Noah's words just now, he asked Carla in a sour tone, "What did Noah call you just now? Callie? Since when have you had this name? Why didn't you tell me about it?"

Terence gazed at her, feeling a little jealous.

"My name in the Hua family is Camelia Hua. That's my original name. So, all my relatives call me Callie," Carla explained immediately, but her voice was much softer now.

She was afraid that Noah would rush into her room again if she made any noise.

Although Terence wasn't afraid of being caught by Noah, Carla still thought it was better not to be caught.

"Callie..." Terence pondered over this new name for a while, and then he raised his eyebrows and said, "This name sounds too soft. I still think Carla sounds better.

Anyway, whether your name is Carla Ji or Camelia Hua, you will be my Carla forever!"

The truth was, Carla felt the same way. The name Camelia Hua belonged to the Hua family, and it wasn't the real her. She leaned on Terence and said, "That's right. In my heart, I'll be Carla Ji forever."

She would always be clear about who she was.

She was a brave and strong-willed woman called Carla Ji, not a pampered rich girl called Camelia Hua. "Oh! Terence, has Uncle Edmund been pestering you to get married?" Carla asked gently.

The room was pitch black at that moment. After Noah's interruption, Carla had decided to play on the safe side and keep her sound low.

"Yes. He started pestering me a long time ago," Terence answered. He planted a kiss on the back of Carla's neck. It had been twenty days since the last time he saw her and he had really missed her.

"Really? Didn't he get angry after finding out about my engagement wit

engaged, so you can find an excuse to cancel the engagement with her. What do you think, Noah?

And anyway, I've known you for so many years. I understand you. She doesn't deserve you at all! You and she are like a golden mountain and a weed! What will happen if a weed is planted on a golden mountain? She will lower your status and make you look bad!"

Trina Zhuo commented directly.

That was the kind of person she was. If there was someone she didn't like even a little bit, she would spare no effort to criticize them and refuse to see any of their good qualities.

Not far behind the two people, Carla was looking at the paintings while walking on her cane.

When she heard Trina Zhuo's words, she immediately coughed fiercely at the rural painting hanging on the wall with a price of 1.2 million.

She couldn't endure Trina Zhuo's words anymore.

The truth was, Carla didn't like Noah and didn't want to get engaged to him, so she didn't care that Trina Zhuo was trying to persuade Noah to cancel his engagement to her. However, her self-esteem didn't allow herself to be compared to a weed.

"Hey, be careful! Each of my paintings here is unique!" Trina Zhuo shouted when she saw Carla coughing in front of her painting.

She immediately frowned and walked toward Carla.

She pulled Carla away from her painting and then asked the staff to bring special cleaning tools.

As she cleaned the painting with the tools, she scolded, "You have really bad manners! How can I sell such a precious painting when it's spoiled by your saliva?"

When Carla was dragged aside by Trina Zhuo, Noah immediately stepped forward and held her.

Bowing his head, he said apologetically, "Carla, are you okay?"

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