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   Chapter 320 I Don't Mind Your Appearance At All (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Orange Characters: 5533

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Then he asked, "Where is the bathroom? I want to brush my teeth and take a shower first."

Carla pointed to the bathroom door and Terence followed her hand.

Before walking towards the bathroom, Terence carried her first and laid her on the bed.

"Umm, you can use my toothbrush,"

Carla shouted at his back while he made his way towards the bathroom.

She sat on the bed and waited for Terence to get out. With nothing to do, she felt a little bored but she was too restless to get up and do anything.

A couple of minutes later, Terence finished his shower and walked out of the bathroom. When Carla saw him, she immediately held her nose for fear that she would have a nosebleed because of too much excitement.

What she saw made every fiber of her being jumped in excitement.

Terence didn't have any clothes on except for a boxer briefs that outlined his physique perfectly.

His figure was so well-sculpted that he looked like a model for a men's underwear brand. However, with his handsome face, he wouldn't just be a normal model. He'd become a supermodel.

He was quite tall with broad shoulders and narrow hips. By wearing nothing to cover his upper body, he unconsciously showed off his muscular chest and arms. His eight abdominal muscles were in full display and were accentuated under the bright lights of the room. His hair even stayed perfectly in place. To put it simply, he looked so sexy in Carla's eyes.

During the time that Carla was in deep amazement with Terence's figure, Terence didn't know what was in her mind so he walked straight to her bed.

"Why are you covering your nose?" Terence asked.

verything's fine now. I'm about to go to sleep," Carla explained or more like told a series of lies.

"Are you really alright? Did you get hurt?"

Noah heard the sound from the room and frowned a little.

Carla turned to the man beside her who was draping himself all over her helplessly and she shouted to the door, "I didn't get hurt. Just relax Noah. I'm okay. It's already late. You should go back to sleep too."

"Okay, then. If you have any problem, just call my name. And if I don't reply, then call me through the phone," Noah said patiently.

And then he walked away.

When Carla heard the sound of Noah's footsteps fading away, she was relieved. She looked at Terence and said in a low voice, "Can't you be quiet?"

"Why should I be quiet? I'm already brave enough to come here. How could I still be afraid that they're going to find me here?" Terence argued.

He snorted indifferently and pinched her chin to give her a big kiss.

Then, he stopped the kiss for a while and said, "Besides, I don't really mind if he comes inside and sees what I'm doing with his fiancee."

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