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   Chapter 318 Climb To Window To See You

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Noah kept silent for a while, and then looked away awkwardly. He said, "Carla, I'll take you to visit the art exhibition tomorrow so we can see their process. And when your painting skills improve a little, I'll help you hold an art exhibit."

"Really? I'll remember that! You have to keep your word, okay?"

Carla said while she blinked her eyes.

"Also, it's getting late. I'll help you get back to your room. You should go to bed early,"

Noah stated, already standing up.

"Okay, I'm actually tired," Carla said while she nodded.

Noah helped her leave the painting room. Then, he came back and put the books he brought her onto the bookshelf.

Only then did he leave her room.

After Noah left, Carla realized that her drowsiness wore off from their walk towards her bedroom. So she idly leaned on the cane chair by the window, enjoying the moonlight outside.

She hadn't seen Terence after the engagement banquet. In fact, she hadn't seen anyone other than Noah, Andrea, and their servants. She just stayed at the mansion and didn't go out for the past half a month.

Therefore, there wouldn't be a chance for her to meet Terence.

No words could express how much she missed him and Sean. Sometimes, she would also miss Nicholas.

Carla could guess that the news of her engagement with Noah had already spread all over the city and the business industry. The AJ Group was updated on all the news within the industry, so the Ans would have certainly heard about the news by now.

Carla took the mobile phone on the small round table and looked through the pictures she had taken with Terence one by one. While scrolling through the pictures, every happy memory that she had with Terence replayed in her mind. Soon, tears began to flow from her eyes.

She couldn't take it anymore and placed the phone on the table.

Terence hadn't made any call to her after the engagement banquet. It had already happened twice when she couldn't help but dial his number. But she would immediately hang up before the call could get through. The reality was that she didn't have the courage to talk to him.

Terence didn't call her back as well. So she hadn't heard his voice and seen his face for almost twenty days.

Carla was now finding out that Terence was right. Things were not that simple.

Before their engagement, Noah told her that he wouldn't stop her if she wanted to go back to JA City as long as she took part in the engagement banquet.

But the reality was far from what she had expected.

Now that she was Noah's fiancee, how could she go back to JA City?

And even if she were to go

and it would be a while before I could get out of this engagement. On top of that, my leg hasn't even recovered yet so I can't walk! I can't run! I can't run back to JA City and see Terence!'

Carla was becoming hysterical. She kept repeating in her head, 'What should I do?!'

While she was about to go crazy and her hair was in a mess, she heard a voice outside the window.

At first, she didn't pay much attention to it. But after a while, she heard someone knocking on the window.

Carla held her breath and listened carefully to the sound outside. When she was sure that there was really someone knocking on the window, she removed the quilt from her body and limped toward the window.

When she opened the curtain, she saw a shadow outside.

Then a familiar face appeared in front of her.

Her heartbeats suddenly accelerated.

She unlocked the window with trembling fingers and immediately opened it.

The man outside stepped into her room.

"Umm, wait for a moment. I'll just wash my face..." she lowly stated.

Carla avoided the man's eyes. She couldn't dare to look at the man who suddenly arrived, because she knew that her face was pale and her hair was in a mess!

So she turned and walked towards the bathroom.

The sudden appearance of the man whom she had been missing for almost twenty days caught her off guard.

If she had known that he would come here, she would have changed into nice clothes, washed her face and wore makeup while waiting for him.

In reality, her hair was in a mess. She was wearing a plain nightgown and slippers with Peppa Pig's face all over it.

However, as soon as she walked towards the bathroom, her arm was grabbed by the man.

Then the man pulled her into his arms...

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