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   Chapter 317 Didn't I Paint Well

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Carla hurried to push Noah aside and timidly looked down. This whole situation was making her flustered so she coughed slightly to cover that. She then placed the goblet she was holding on a tray held by a waiter, who was standing beside them.

Although she pretended to be calm, her heart was flipping inside her chest with every second passing by.

"Well, let's stop here. Callie is still young after all so we better stop kidding her. That's enough," said Ivy, Albert's wife, figuring out that it was time to stop everyone from teasing and embarrassing the two.

"Noah, I'm a little tired. Could you please push me back to my room?" Carla looked up at the man and asked in a low voice.

Wordlessly, Noah just nodded his head. He put his goblet down and pushed her towards the elevator.

Little did everyone know that there were two people watching everything going on from outside the hotel's glass window.

"It's time to leave, Mr. Terence. Shall we go?"

asked Rainer cautiously.

He was afraid that people might notice them if they stayed there any longer.

Terence's decision to come there was outright confusing for Rainer. Why did his boss decide to be there when he knew all along that what he'd see would hurt him?

Nonetheless, Terrence didn't even speak a bit and just remained watching Carla and Noah enter the elevator. He waited until the elevator completely closed and the two were out of his sight. He then walked wordlessly towards his car before turning back at Rainer.

"Watch over Noah, Rainer," he ordered in a serious tone. His face was dark as if all the lights were drawn out of it. Then he added, "Report all his actions to me."

"Yes, I will,"

answered Rainer immediately as he raised his head to look back at Terrence. Having been aware of how much his boss loved Carla, he could just imagine how hard it was for Terence to watch her with another man.

He could bet his bottom dollar that his boss was feeling murderous now.

Thus, he asked, "I can't understand why you came here, Mr. Terence. Do you really want to make yourself suffer?"

Expressionlessly, Terence just looked at Rainer. He pulled the door open in one swift move and got in the car. "You wouldn't understand, Rainer," he said.

Then he turned his head to the man on the driver's seat and ordered, "Let's get out of here, Nathan."

To be honest, Terrence wasn't ready for all the emotions attacking him now. He thought that it was better for him to personally see what Carla was doing in HA City. He thought it was easy to just watch what was happening between her and Noah.

He was wrong. It crashed him. However, he believed that all this pain he was feeling would eventually turn into his strength over time.

On the other hand, Carla and Noah were finally back to the hotel room.

Awkward silence was engulfing them as they walked in.

Noah ordered a new room for Carla, hoping that it would give her a short yet satisfying rest. The hotel lobby was flooded with all kinds of people and he was worried that it would make her uncomfortable.

Noah and Carla were the most important people at that banquet. Thus, they were not supposed to leave the hotel this early.


him some seconds before opening his mouth again. "Here you are. I have also prepared these."

A big smile appeared on Carla's face upon seeing a new set of paper in Noah's hand. She immediately took it and placed it next to the books. She said happily, "Well, then I am not going to refuse your kindness."

She thought for a while as she gave her room a once-over. Then she added, "Noah, you have brought me so many things. I will feel guilty if I let you leave empty-handed. So, why don't you choose a painting here as a thank-you gift? Come on. If you like, I can even give you all these paintings!"

Noah looked from side to side. He then shifted his gaze from those paintings to Carla. Smiling helplessly, he answered, "I don't think you need to send me any of these paintings. They will still end up inside my home in the future after all. I can stare at them by then as much as I want once that happens."

"Are you saying that you don't like any of them? Come on. Just choose one at least and hang it on your wall." Carla smiled and picked one of the paintings. She showed it to Noah and asked, "How about this one? It is called Grey Desert. Look at it! Don't you think it's poetic?"

Noah didn't know what to say at that moment.

He just looked at the picture silently. He couldn't see more than just messy grey doodles on that paper.

It took him a while choosing the right words to say before he shrugged his shoulders. "Carla, there is an exhibition tomorrow. It is held by one of my best friends. Do you want to come with me there?"

On hearing that there was an exhibition to see, Carla immediately nodded and said excitedly, "Okay, that's great. It will be a good chance for me to see whether the paintings there are better than mine."

"Well, then I will sleep here tonight. And I will take you to the exhibition tomorrow morning," said Noah.

"Okay, that's great. Noah, I am thinking whether I should also hold an exhibition to let myself be known by people. Do you think it is possible?" asked Carla.

She seemed not to know her painting ability. Feeling self-contented, she looked at Noah and grinned.

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