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   Chapter 316 You Can't Fall In Love With Him!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8745

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After Carla returned to the hotel room upstairs, she allowed the makeup artist who was keeping her company for so long to go down first.

Carla felt a little tired. She sat down on the chair to rest for a while and grab some me-time as well.

She stared out of the window blankly. Carla had to put on a happy face in front of the relatives and shareholders even though she did not feel the same way in her heart.

However, when she was alone, all by herself, she didn't need to pretend anymore. Carla heaved a heavy sigh still maintaining the same dazed glance at the window.

Carla sat there in absolute solitude, oblivious to the world around her as if the whole world was coming to a standstill.

"I always thought you were reluctant. But when I saw you smiling so happily beside Noah, I finally felt that he was also quite suitable for you..."

Suddenly a familiar voice brought Carla out of her reverie.

Carla got startled and sprang upright from her seat. Then she looked up to the mirror and saw Terence walking out of the restroom behind her.

Terence continued while walking toward her, "Carla, I really don't want to think that he is suitable for you. Do you understand me?"

Terence walked toward her, bent over and gently hugged her from behind. He leaned his head on her shoulder.

Carla hurriedly turned to look at him. But as soon as she turned, her lips met his thin lips without any expectation.

She seemed to be stunned and didn't move. Terence took advantage of the opportunity to hold the back of her head with one hand. And then the strong domineering kiss opened Carla's lips. Soon a familiar smell crazily occupied her mouth.

Terence kissed Carla wildly as if to vent his dissatisfaction. After a long time, he finally released her lips.

"Carla, I can't believe that you were in my arms yesterday, but today you are getting engaged with other man. So I want to see it with my own eyes!" he said with his head resting over her forehead.

His brows wrinkled, which looked like a tight knot that couldn't be dissolved even in a thousand years.

"Terence, don't be sad... Now that I've made my choice, I have to stick to my commitment. Trust me! I won't get married to anyone except you! Absolutely not!" Carla said with tears rolling down her bright eyes.

She caressed his handsome face softly. Her loving touch made the creases between Terrence's eyebrows ease out a little.

She knew that when she made such a choice, Terrence was the one who received the most unfair treatment.

"Of course, I believe you. But I am jealous! I am jealous that he can rightfully

ryone, do you agree with me?"

Albert also began to make fun of them.

"Excellent. I totally agree with Albert's proposal! Noah, you are marrying such a beautiful girl. You should let us see some intimate moments. We also want to feel your happiness!"

Then, someone else also urged them to kiss.

Noah picked two glasses of wine from the waiter and handed one to Carla. Then he added in a polite tone, "There is no problem to drink a cross-cupped wine. But there are so many people. I'm afraid that Callie will feel shy to..."

"Don't be shy! Just try! We can close our eyes!" Estelle Cheng cheered while laughing.

"Noah, you've been engaged. We only want you to kiss her. Don't be so coy!" Albert said, urging him to kiss her quickly.

Noah felt he had no way to refuse the request of his relatives, so he could only look down at Carla and called her gently, "Callie?"

Carla frowned lightly and forced a smile. She raised her wine glass without saying any words.

Noah looked at her and also smiled helplessly. His hand gently crossed her hand, and then they drank a cross-cupped wine.

After that, Noah put down his wine glass, bowed and looked at her.

He slowly bent down and his lips lightly covered hers.

Carla felt that his kiss had a unique pine fragrance which accompanied a kind of flavor that made people want to relax and rely on.

But soon her heart was gripped with an untold fear. She just opened her eyes and looked at the window.

A man with a tall and slender figure was standing outside the window, looking at her kissing with Noah.

The man hit the glass with one hand as if he wanted to poke a hole in the glass window. His dark eyes mixed with anger, jealousy and pain were fixed at Carla.

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