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   Chapter 315 The Engagement Banquet

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After Andrea left, Carla picked up her chopsticks and forced herself to eat some more.

Before, she would definitely have enjoyed the meal.

But now that she was in a strange place with unfamiliar people, she had lost her appetite despite the fact that her hosts were treating her well.

She, however, did finish the meal like it was a duty she had to perform. She then tried the dress on and found that it was the perfect size for her.

Carla knew that she couldn't whine about her situation since it was her own decision to come back here.

She had made her own choice and this meant that she couldn't complain about it even if everyone else did. There was no way out of it and she had to go through it no matter how tough it threatened to be.

It was deep into the night, but Carla couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about what Terence had told her and what Rainer had said.

Terence had wanted her to give up

n steadier once he married the only biological daughter of the Hua Group.

"Andrea, why don't you marry Carla off to Noah right away since they are so in love? Then we could be drinking to their wedding right now,"

Albert said, raising his glass.

"We did think about this. But they didn't want to get married right after Allen passed. So I'm afraid that you'll have to wait until next year to drink to their marriage,"

Andrea explained, clinking her glass to Albert's as she turned to the guests with a smile.

There weren't any rules that they needed to obey, but Andrea felt it would be fitting to show respect to Allen and give dignity to his death by postponing the wedding.

"Noah, where's Callie? It's almost time to propose a toast," Andrea asked as she walked up to Noah.

Noah checked his watch, looked around, and said, "I think she's upstairs changing. Let me check. She must be done now anyway."

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