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   Chapter 314 A Nightmare In A Luxurious Room

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 9628

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Rainer inhaled deeply when he saw that Terence entered the room. Gathering his courage, he wiped his tears and walked over to him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Terence. It's all my fault. I couldn't persuade Miss Carla to stay. Anything that you think I deserve as punishment, I will gladly accept!"

Rainer stated while he slapped himself on the face.

But Terence only ignored him and instead, stared into the distance where the car disappeared. His eyes were downcast in a second, looking dull and colorless.

He sighed deeply and said, "Forget it! If she insisted, I couldn't have stopped her either way."

After all, Andrea was her biological mother. How could Carla turn her down, especially when Andrea came to ask Carla in person?

There was nothing Terence could do to stop it.

"But, Mr. Terence, how could you possibly endure even the idea that Miss Carla is going to get engaged to another man?" Rainer stated and then blew his nose with a tissue and took another to wipe his tears.

He felt sorry for Terence. He had been with them through their ups and downs. He was a witness of how they fell in love with each other.

And just when Terence and Carla were about to have a happy ending, Noah came out of nowhere and ruined everything.

"Stop crying! Act like a man!"

Terence exclaimed with determination while he turned to Rainer.

"Go and get all the information that you can about the Hua family. If Noah dares to take my wife, I'll let him know what he has to lose," he then ordered Rainer.

Giving up?

It didn't exist in Terence's vocabulary.

Just as Carla said, it was just an engagement. But even if she did marry Noah, Terence was certain that he could win her back.

Carla was bound to be Terence's woman. He wouldn't allow anybody to take her away from him. That was his end goal. It was what he envisioned and decided for his future and no one could change that.

And now that Noah had stood in their way, Terence would go at any lengths to take him out.

At his master's command, Rainer immediately stopped weeping and nodded at him before exiting the room in a hurry.

'Right, it's just an engagement, not a wedding. Miss Carla even accepted it reluctantly in the first place.

Besides, Mr. Terence always gets what he wants. There was no exception.

What a pity it would be if he gave up right now!' Rainer thought to himself.

Meanwhile, when Carla and Andrea arrived at HA City, it was already ten o'clock in the evening.

But no matter how late it was, Noah was waiting at the door.

As soon as the car pulled over, Noah stepped forward and opened the car door to greet Andrea.

"Mother, welcome home," he said with a smile.

"You must have been waiting for a long time," Andrea greeted back.

Noah smiled even wider then responded, "Not really. I just came out." He then turned to Carl

ea walked towards Carla and stated, "Callie, look at you. You are as thin as a match. Now that you're home, it would be mother's personal mission to have you gain some weight, 20 pounds at least."

Carla exhaled and forced a smile. Then, she exclaimed, "Twenty pounds!? Please don't. I'm going to look like a round ball."

"But you look better with some extra weight!" Andrea said, smiling happily. She sat down and ordered the servant to place the dishes. "Come, have some food while it's still hot. You can't sleep well with an empty stomach. Tomorrow, you'll meet a lot of people. You need to have all the energy that you could."

Looking at the delicious dishes on the table, Carla unwillingly took up the chopsticks. She didn't really have an appetite.

Meanwhile, Andrea couldn't help but stare at Carla who looked exactly like her younger self. Her smile looked like it could reach her ears. No one would be able to comprehend her happiness because after all these years, she could finally see her daughter.

She had been waiting for this day for twenty years. Now that her dream came true, she felt like the happiest woman in the world.

However, if it was like a sweet dream to Andrea, it was more like a nightmare for Carla.

"What's wrong? You don't like the dishes?"

Andrea asked when she noticed that Carla had stopped eating.

Carla shook her head and replied, "No, it's delicious. It's just... I'm not really that hungry."

In fact, Carla could have taken more bites but with Andrea staring at her, she felt really uncomfortable.

Andrea exclaimed immediately, "How could it be possible that you're not hungry? You must eat something or you'll get hungry at night. I insist that you should eat.

If you feel uncomfortable while I'm here, I could leave."

Carla meekly nodded.

Andrea laughed and stood up. She took one last look at Carla and finally walked towards the door.

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