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   Chapter 313 Andrea's Visit

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Carla stayed in a state of ignorance the whole afternoon. She had no idea of what else she could do.

Terence had to leave the house temporarily because there was something urgent that he needed to deal with. Before he left, he arranged for Rainer to stay at home with Carla.

Soon, it was evening.

Unexpectedly, Sophie suddenly told Carla that Andrea just arrived at the Seaview Villa. Carla was shocked because she didn't expect that Andrea would come to pick her up personally.

She panicked because she didn't know how to react to the situation.

When she got downstairs, she saw that Andrea was already sitting in the living room.


When Andrea saw Carla, who she hadn't seen for several days, she excitedly walked toward her and asked, "Are you feeling well these days? How is your leg? Is it recovering well?

I was extremely worried about you." "Auntie, why are you here?"

Carla asked in a surprised tone. She looked down at her hands which were being held by Andrea.

"The engagement banquet will be held tomorrow. Your dress is already prepared as well. However, I'm not sure if it will suit your taste. You need to get up early tomorrow morning to prepare for the engagement. I'm just worried that you will arrive late for your own engagement banquet," Andrea explained with a smile.

The Hua family was a well-known family in HA City. It hadn't been that long since Carla found out about her real identity. It was only natural that she wouldn't know some important relatives and shareholders. Andrea thought that Carla should at least memorize the persons' names and faces before the engagement banquet.

Andrea gently touched Carla's face with one hand. She actually felt a little disappointed when she heard her daughter call her "Auntie". She decided to just let it go at the moment because as of now, it didn't matter that much. They had more issues that they needed to prioritize. She was willing to wait for the day when Carla would voluntarily call her "Mother".

"Are you saying that you want me to go back to HA City with you tonight?" Carla asked while staring at Andrea in disbelief.

She thought, 'Terence isn't here. I can't leave home right now. I need to wait for him!'

"Yes. I think it is best if we go immediately. I know that it's already dark but if we set out right now, we can arrive in HA City tonight and prepare for tomorrow's engagement banquet before going to bed," Andrea said. When Andrea saw that Carla was hesitating, she patted Carla's hand gently and said, "Callie, I missed you so much. Because of your father's death, I didn't have much free time to chat with you in the past few days."

Andrea continued, "And now those unhappy things finally ended. I would like it very much if you can spend some time with me and accompany me home tonight..."

In the courtyard, Rainer was calling Terence hurriedly.

He knew that Terence was busy with work at that moment but now that Andrea came to pick up Carla in person all of a sudden, he thought that Terence would certainly want to be updated about it immediately. If Carla went back to HA City with her mother, he wouldn't know how t

t for you?

If something unexpected suddenly happened and Mr. Terence was forced to marry another woman, you would never have the opportunity to spend your life together in this lifetime!"

Rainer's words made Carla's heart quiver. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes slowly.

"Miss Carla, I know that you don't want to continue with your engagement to Mr. Noah. You should really think about this very carefully. If you go back with your mother now, there is a big possibility that you would lose Mr. Terence forever..."

"Callie!" said Andrea in a loud voice.

Carla and Rainer were talking for a long time and Andrea was afraid that Carla would change her decision after their conversation. She got out of the car and walked towards them with purpose. Then she said to Rainer, "Sir, please don't force her to stay here longer. We already came to an agreement. She is coming with me, okay?"

Andrea looked at Rainer coldly and claimed, "If Mr. Terence really loves and cares about her, he will understand her situation. Anyway, we need to go now because it's getting late. It is up to Carla. Carla made up her mind already and she decided to do the right thing and help her family through this trying times. Please respect her decision."

Andrea then took Carla's hand and said gently, "Callie, let's get in the car now, okay?"

Andrea was still holding Carla's hand while they walked towards the car. Carla looked back at Rainer and the Seaview Villa that she was very familiar with for one more time.

The tears quietly poured down from her eyes to her lips. The bitterness around her mouth already flowed into her heart. It caused her so much pain to leave the Seaview Villa in such a hurry.

The car gradually drove away then disappeared into the distance.

As soon as Carla's car disappeared from the driveway, a champagne-colored Cayenne arrived. Terence got out from the car and saw that Rainer was wiping his tears at the front door of the Seaview Villa.

Terence realized that he was already too late...

He said to himself, 'Carla, she... she's gone... I arrived too late.'

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