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   Chapter 310 It's Time To Come Back

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10587

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Noah's voice poured out from the phone, "Carla, it's time for you to come back, right?"

His tone was warm but somehow, Carla felt burdensome when hearing his question. When she remained silent, he continued, "I have prepared everything here. Our engagement banquet will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning."

No matter how gentle Noah's words were, Carla felt like they were a death warrant, making her break out in a cold sweat. His voice that used to bring her comfort was now giving her anxiety.

For the past days, she felt so happy being with Terence that she almost forgot that she was going to be engaged to Noah.

"Noah, I haven't been feeling well recently. Can I...can we...postpone the engagement for a few more days?"

Carla uneasily asked while biting her lips.

It was Noah's turn to be silent for a while.

And then he said, "Carla, you know that our family is well-known. Once the news is released, it cannot be changed overnight, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary gossips."

Noah paused for a while, waiting for her reaction. When she didn't, he continued in a gentle tone, "I know you don't want to be separated from Terence, but our engagement is only a ceremony. We're only going to do it for formalities' sake."

Finally, he said, "Once our engagement is finished, you just need to stay here to accompany our mother for a few days. Then, no one would be on your way in going back to Terence."

Carla slowly closed her eyes. After a long time, she could only say, "I know."

Noah took it as Carla's acceptance of the whole situation so he became relieved for a bit. Then he said, "Okay, I'll arrange for someone to pick you up."

"No, I don't need it, Noah. I'll be back by myself early tomorrow morning," Carla immediately said. Contrary to what she had just said, she couldn't even get up from the bed at that moment because of what happened last night. How could she even go back to HA City?

She could only lie on the bed and wait for the pain to recover a little until the next day. Then, she would have a chance to be able to go back to HA City.

"Okay, the engagement will be held at 10 o'clock. Don't be late," Noah said, emphasizing the time once more. Then, he hung up the phone.

Carla's heart uncontrollably beat quickly. Her mobile phone slipped out from her palm. Ignoring it, she leaned on the bed while she began to massage her aching temples.

At that moment, every fiber of her being was in a real turmoil. She had no idea what she could do.

How could she tell Terence that she was going to get engaged to Noah? She didn't want to hurt Terence. She didn't have any courage to face his disappointment.

But she thought, 'If I don't tell Terence today, the news will reach him one way or another after our engagement party tomorrow.

It would be too late by then to explain my side, especially if it came from a stranger or anyone else but me.

I should tell him today...'

Meanwhile, Terence was busy in the kitchen.

He was cooking with his white sleeves rolled up. Numerous cooking pots and pans were in front of him while he continued to slice up the ingredients. He looked at that

d which was displayed in the room when Noah came in. She cast a glance at Noah and was curious about why he came here without telling her in advance.

It hadn't been long since Allen passed away. Andrea had yet to be used to the life that she now led on without her husband. So every day, she would look at Allen's picture for a long time.

After all, she had lived with Allen for several decades. And then suddenly, he went into another world and left her all alone. It was really hard for her to adapt to such a lonely life.

"Mother, I came here to invite you to go to JA City," Noah stated his purpose right away.

He and Carla were going to hold the engagement banquet tomorrow, but Carla hadn't come back yet. So he was worried that she would change her decision.

Although Carla had promised that she would come back tomorrow morning and he agreed with that, he still thought that it would be a little late and risky if she came back tomorrow.

Andrea shifted her focus from the picture. She looked at Noah and said, "Are you afraid that Callie won't come back?"

"Yes," Noah answered.

He then expressed the worries in his heart, "To be honest, Callie isn't very familiar and intimate with the Hua family yet. Although she promised to get engaged before Father died, it's still her decision whether she would come back or not. If she finally decides not to come back, how will this engagement banquet be carried out?"

Noah's worries were not without reason. Walls have ears. Even though he had tried everything in his power to keep this engagement a secret, he was worried that Terence would still know about it.

He thought, 'If Terence found out that I'll be engaged to Carla, he would definitely stop her from coming back.'

So Noah thought that he should figure out a way to make Carla come back before the engagement banquet.

And the only thing he could think of was to make Andrea personally pick up Carla.

After all, Andrea was her biological mother.

If Andrea went to pick up Carla in person, Noah thought Terence would have no way to stop Carla from coming back.

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