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   Chapter 309 A Beast And His Beauty

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8888

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"But I'm used to sleeping in your arms," Carla stated, declining Terence's idea of sleeping away from each other. With her arm reached out to hold Terence's arm in place, she inched closer towards him. In spite of the strong smell of alcohol, his arms were warm as usual.

When her fingers touched his chest, however, she got startled. "Oh my god, your body is burning. Do you have a fever or something?" she asked.

Terence furrowed his eyebrows but he remained silent. He closed his eyes and felt her fingers gently go over from his chest to his forehead. She was trying to see if he had a fever.

He slowly shoved her hand away and firmly said, "I'm fine. Just go to sleep."

"How could you be fine? You're burning up," Carla exclaimed. Anxiously, she rose up and immediately covered him with the quilt. Then an idea clicked in her mind. She said, "I'll get a cool towel for you."

But when she was about to get off the bed, he got hold of her wrist.

"No need to be so worked up. I'm fine. Just go back to sleep. I'll be better when I wake up," he said. After that, he pulled her back to the bed. Even though Terence was drunk, he thought about how Carla's leg was still in bad condition. So he didn't want to trouble her.

Carla was stunned for a few moments, then she said, "Well, fine. If you say so." Since he refused any help, Carla decided to let it go. She bit her lip and unwillingly lay back on the bed beside him.

After exhaling deeply, Terence turned around with his back facing her. He wanted to avoid looking at her seductive face.

Carla didn't say anything more. She just moved closer to him, leaned her face against his back and slowly closed her eyes.

After a while, she heard a strong gasp in the dark.

She unconsciously reached out her arm and it landed around his waist. Trying to see if he was alright, she continued to move her hand downwards. When she happened to skim over a certain part, she was startled. Her eyes threw open in surprise.

"Oh my! Terence!" she cried out, waking up and surprising Terence.

"What's wrong?"

Terence asked, his voice cracking.

"What happened to you?" she stammered, feeling embarrassed with the situation. "You have to go to the bathroom and check yourself right now. Are you okay? Do you need me to call Rainer?" Carla threw question after question at him in shock.

"I already told you I'm fine," he reassured her.

"What do you mean by 'fine'? I can tell that you're not fine. Tell me the truth. How long have you been like that? I'm worried about you," she pressed on the situation.

She thought that he had too much alcohol earlier. On top of that,

set the ointment on the bedside table and reached out his arms to hold her shoulders gently.  He lowered his head to give her a soft kiss in apology and hoped that it would help ease her pain.

Afterward, there was silence. Terence didn't know what to say anymore to express his regrets. Carla spoke first, "I am wondering if you could ask your brother about the wine or whatever you had yesterday. I keep on thinking that he might have added some drugs in the wine." She probed, trying to figure out what made him act like that. He was completely not his usual self.

She felt as if multiple of her bones were broken. What she was feeling exceeded the ones that she had experienced before a hundred times over.

Indeed, it was unbearable and she wanted to cry in pain.

She thought that Rhys must have played some tricks on Terence.

"I don't think he would do that. Besides, I don't need those things. You're like a drug to me Carla. Just one kiss from you and every bit of my sanity would be thrown out the window. It works much better than anything else," he smiled ruefully. His voice sounded ashamed as if he was confessing something disgraceful. At any rate, he was glad to see that he didn't hurt her leg to make the situation even worse.

If he had, he wouldn't forgive himself.

She glowered at him, pouting. But soon enough, she decided to drop the topic and said, "Terence, I'm hungry."

Terence smiled and responded, "Just lie here and take some rest. I'll cook for you today." He carefully adjusted her on the bed and then headed towards the door.

Not long after he left, her phone rang on the desk.

She rolled over to reach the phone. The moment she saw the caller's ID, she trembled a little.

"Hello," she answered in hesitation.

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