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   Chapter 308 An Agonizing Night

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10253

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Carla stared at Terence who was drunk at that moment. She was then taken back to the memories of his very well poised performance on the cruise ship last night. Such a huge contrast made her burst into laughter.

Lying on the bed with her head resting on her propped arm, she smiled at him. She wanted to tease him so bad so she deliberately put her hand on his waist. But Terence immediately shoved her hand away as soon as she touched him.

She laughed. She didn't expect that he would become so cute when he was drunk.

He was actually much cuter now than the first time she saw him get drunk.

"Terence, honey, let me hug you, okay? Just for one minute!"

Carla said while she purposely increased her tone. She quietly touched his chest with one hand and brushed her chin tenderly against his arm. And then she wanted to bury her head into his arms.

But before she could do so, he pushed her head away.

"Don't touch me!" he refused in a hoarse tone.

Keeping his eyes closed, he frowned.

After being refused twice already, Carla could only stare at his back. She rolled her eyes at him and pouted.

She thought, 'I can't believe it! How come he's not attracted to me! Is he really drunk?

How could he still perceive so clearly that I'm touching him?'

Soon enough, it dawned on Carla that she had underestimated his vigilance while he was drunk.

With that, she suddenly realized something that made her so excited.

She thought, 'If he's still sensible, does that mean I don't need to worry that he'll sleep with other women when he's drunk?'

Then, Carla wanted to test how strong his self-control could be, so she thought about how to go about it.

Although it was 3 o'clock in the morning, Carla was very exhilarated.

She was limping back and forth in the room as if in contemplation, deciding whether to proceed with her plan or not. After a while, she finally changed into a very revealing nightgown which she didn't wear that often. The piece was a luxurious garment made of silk which had see-through lace in the chest and back area.

She then proceeded to open Terence's quilt and went inside quietly.

"Mr. Terence... Mr. Terence, wake up," she whispered.

She shook his arms but she couldn't help giggling when she did so. Earlier, Rainer had helped Terence change into his nightgown which was—fortunately for Carla—very easy to take off.

Without exerting much effort, she pulled the tie of his robe, revealing his body. As soon as she was about to touch his chest, her wrist was gripped very firmly.

Terence's grasp was a bit stronger than before. He warned with a hoarse voice, "If you touch me again, I'll throw you out of here."

Although he opened his eyes this time, he couldn't recognize Carla because she had turned off the lights. The room was pitch black and he couldn't see anything. All he knew then was that someone was trying to touch him.

"Why do you refuse me? Mr. Terence, you're a man. Sleeping with me wouldn't do any harm to you..." Carla said softly, trying so hard not to laugh. She

ing over Carla.

Carla nodded and went out of the room to call Sophie.

When she came back, she saw Terence sitting cross-legged on the bed while wearing a sapphire nightgown made of silk. It was probably because he felt so hot that his neckline was torn open, revealing his toned pale chest.

Meanwhile, his one nostril was still stuffed with a white paper towel. It made him look funny and cute.

He was totally different from whom he used to be. Even Carla rarely saw him in such a funny disposition.

So she cherished that moment very dearly.

"Oh! I forgot! I'll change my clothes right now!" Carla exclaimed. She was distracted by his funny appearance that it took her a while to figure out that it was because of her sexy nightgown. She quickly went out of the room and changed into an ordinary white nightgown that covered her body.

When his nose stopped bleeding, Terence threw the paper towel into the garbage can. He usually slept with Carla in his arms. But today he chose to sleep by himself, with his head somewhat heavy and his eyes closed tight.

Before long, Sophie took the sobering soup up to their room.

Carla went to open the door and let Sophie in.

"Terence, Terence?" Carla called him, trying to make him have the soup while it was still hot.

Terence gradually opened his eyes and saw Carla waking him up with the soup in her hands. He sat up straight, took the bowl and gulped it down quickly.

"Is there anything else? If there's none, I'll turn off the lights and go to bed," Carla asked when she saw that he had finished the soup.

It was already four o'clock in the morning. She thought that if they still didn't fall asleep soon, daybreak would come by.

"Okay. Turn off the lights,"

Terence answered, breathing a sigh of relief.

Carla turned off the main light and the bedside lamp. And then, she got ready to lie down in his arms like usual.

But today, as soon as she touched him, he swiftly moved away from her.

"...... Carla, sleep by yourself tonight," Terence said.

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