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   Chapter 307 Drunken But Cute Terence

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Orange Characters: 9751

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Nathan and Rainer supported Terence and took him up to his room.

While glancing at the drunken and unconscious man on the bed, Carla inadvertently saw a trace of lipstick when she got closer to him. She then looked at the two men who were standing beside her.

"I remembered Rhys coming to him and asking him if they could get some drinks. Do I remember correctly? Tell me what this is then?"

'What happened to him while I was away? It was for only a few hours!' Carla thought to herself.

Nathan and Rainer were looking really suspicious at the moment. They were looking at each other and were avoiding her eye contact.

Nathan responded with a slightly disdainful expression, "Miss Carla, you should know that it is inevitable for men to socialize with other people. Of course, they drank together. However, they also played a little. There is no need for you to pay attention to this kind of details."

"What? Are you really talking to me like this, Nathan?"

Carla said coldly. 'What he's really trying to say is that I'm meddlesome, isn't he?' she wondered.

Nathan decided to just keep silent and keep his head down.

"I should tell you this, Nathan. If you don't respect me, you don't ever appear in front of me again in the future. Rainer, tell me what happened?" Carla turned to Rainer after talking to Nathan.

"Don't be angry, Miss Carla. Mr. Rhys went to Mr. Terence just to drink and to reminisce about their past and the good times that they used to have. However, Mr. Rhys got so drunk that he suddenly called some women to accompany them while drinking. It, it was inevitable..."

Rainer explained while looking at Terence who was lying on the bed. Terence was so drunk and he was still unconscious.

'Everyone knows that Mr. Rhys always has women accompany him every time he goes out to attend social parties.

There were so many women on the ship last night. How could Mr. Rhys not take the chance to play with them?' Rainer wondered.

When she heard what Rainer said, Carla immediately walked over to Terence and pulled his shirt wide open in front of the two men.

While looking at his upper body, Carla suddenly frowned and asked, "Rainer, are you sure that the women did not touch him?

What are these red marks then? Are you saying that these red marks aren't those left behind after having too much sex?"

Carla was trembling with rage. 'I am sure that this would never happen if Terence was awake. But now he is drunk! Did he unconsciously have sex with other women?' she thought.

The thought of those women who wanted to have sex with Terence so badly, including Julissa, made Carla feel sick all over. She wanted to vomit.

"This, this... Miss Carla, we were outside the whole time. We did not go in the room with them. We don't know what exactly happened there,"

Rainer answered while lowering his head. There was a slight flicker in his

t she had done it because of amnesia. She is not to blame for what she's done. She shouldn't be subjected to such harsh words. She already went through so much, ' Rainer pondered.

After finishing his work, Rainer asked Carla, "Miss Carla, can you take care of Mr. Terence alone tonight? Or should I stay here to look after him? You can sleep in the room next door tonight if you like."

"It's okay. I can do this by myself. You should go and rest," Carla confirmed.

She kept her eyes on Terence who was still on the bed while she was talking to Rainer.

"Well then, I'll head downstairs now. Please call me if you need anything,"

Rainer was slowly stepping back out of the room while speaking.

Carla lay beside Terence while looking at his peacefully sleeping face. Then she gently touched his cheek with one hand.

Suddenly, her hand touched the hickey on his skin. She wiped them with her hand. To her surprise, the red marks suddenly faded.

Carla couldn't help but snort and laugh a little. 'It's Nathan who did this. He did this because he wanted to know my reaction to the hickeys, ' she thought.

Although she felt a bit unhappy when she noticed the hickeys, she was relieved after realizing what was really happening.

Carla wrapped her hands around Terence's waist.

As soon as Carla touched his waist, though, Terence frowned. He pulled her hands away from him, and then turned over to continue sleeping.

Terence was definitely not acting like his usual self. He was thoroughly drunk. He couldn't accurately distinguish who was around him like he did when he was sober.

That was the reason why he instinctively protected himself from anyone and just fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing Terence's reaction, Carla was now convinced that what Rainer said was true. No woman could possibly go near him like this.

'So I can't even touch you now?

Hmm, I will never allow this, ' Carla wondered.

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