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   Chapter 306 Who Will Jump Into The Sea

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Chang Du Characters: 9909

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Carla noticed that some of the women were taking the opportunity to touch and attract Johnny.

When they touched him excessively, Johnny would immediately eliminate them from the competition.

After some time, it was Carla's turn.

He stopped in front of her and stretched out his hand to grab her wrist.

However, as soon as Johnny touched her wrist, Carla immediately stretched out one foot to touch his leg to confuse him.

Affected by her touch, Johnny immediately loosened his grab on her wrist and walked to the next one.

Carla looked at her wrist. And then she looked at the other eleven women. She realized that there were about five or six women whose wrist was almost the same as hers in size.

She thought that Johnny wouldn't possibly guess correctly who she was among the other women by just simply touching her wrist. However, before she could even sigh in relief, Johnny came back to her.

He placed a card on the table in front of her.

At the end of that round, only five girls met Johnny's requirements and got his cards.

Johnny was actually smart enough to eliminate seven women just by touching their wrist. So in his first round, he kept five women, and of course, that included Carla.

Carla glanced at Terence who was waiting for his turn on the other side. Although he couldn't see what was happening, Rainer was reporting everything to him.

Soon, Johnny finally started with the last round of screening.

For the last round, he decided to touch the five women's hair and some parts of their face.

When he touched Julissa's hair, he stopped for a while. Julissa deliberately changed her hair into the same style as Carla's. However, Johnny still eliminated her after a few minutes.

It was all because Julissa's facial features were different from Carla's.

Carla was originally planning on deliberately making Johnny eliminate her in the first round. However, she didn't expect that he would still keep her to the second round.

After a while, Johnny approached her again.

When Johnny was about to touch her face, she dodged him instinctively. She immediately realized that her dodging him would attract his attention so she controlled herself to not avoid his touch again.

When Johnny felt that the woman slightly dodged him, he was sure that only Carla would do something like that to him. He immediately took off his blindfold.

When he saw that Carla was staring at him right in the face, he was momentarily speechless.

He smiled at her broadly. When he remembered that she tried to confuse him by touching his leg in the first round, his smile became broader.

"Congratulations! Mr. Johnny! It took you just eight minutes!"

Rhys who was judging the competition looked at his watch and stated.

Then it was Terence's turn next.

The twelve women's seating arrangement was slightly changed.

It was immediately apparent that the twelve women became more nervou

nough to just let him swim all night.

Compared with what Terence had suffered in the jungle, this was just a drop in the ocean.

That was the reason why the cruise ship left Johnny without any hesitation.

When Terence accompanied Carla to watch the night view for a while, Rhys came and approached them.

"Carla, although Terence and I are brothers, it's really rare for us to go out together. Do you mind if I have a drink with him for a little while?"

Rhys asked Carla with a smile.

Rhys' real purpose was to repair his brotherly relationship with Terence. He would never forget that for that day.

Carla was now recognized by their grandpa and father. Terence also loved her dearly. Rhys couldn't possibly ignore her opinion now.

Carla looked at Terence and agreed, "Of course. It's no problem."

Terence looked at Carla and said, "Well, I arranged for someone to send you back to the Seaview Villa. You can sleep on this ship but I think that you would be more comfortable to sleep at home."

Terence was thinking about her injured leg so he decided that it would be more convenient if she went home. Besides, even if she slept in the ship that night, she would still need to go home early the next morning.

It was already getting late so it was better to send her back immediately. She also wouldn't need to get up early tomorrow morning this way.

Carla nodded. She actually wanted to go home at that moment.

She had already enjoyed the scene so she could do nothing more in the ship. She thought that sleeping at their home would be more comfortable than staying in the ship a little longer.

Therefore, she decided to go back to Seaview Villa first.

Later that night, Carla arrived home.

She took off her dress and changed into her more casual clothes. Then she waited for Terence in their bedroom.

Terence didn't come back until three o'clock in the morning.

He was so drunk that he was unable to walk properly.

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