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   Chapter 305 Guessing Game

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The cruise ship was already driven far enough making the brilliantly illuminated JA City look dimmer and dimmer. It would not be a laughing matter to swim such a long distance just to reach the shore.

Not to mention that the water was getting colder because the season had just turned into autumn.

"Johnny, could you please stop being mad?" Carla shouted at Johnny without waiting for Terence's reply. "Who would want to bet with you? Why should we agree? Would this bet even mean anything?

I will never date you even if you win this bet. What would you do then?" Carla kept on asking a bunch of questions in an attempt to stop Johnny.

'This is childish!

He is simply acting childish!

Damn it! Just dive into the water if you really want to. Nobody cares! Why the hell should Terence agree to a bet with you?' Carla thought in her head angrily.

Terence gently smiled at Carla and placed the cloak that he got from Rainer around her shoulders. "Carla, I do not mind taking him on if he would insist on gambling with me."

"No way! The water is so cold and you just recovered from everything. No, no, no, you cannot do this," Carla strongly insisted. Just standing there, she could already feel the chill from the cold wind. The icy waters would be undoubtedly more unbearable than the chill from the wind.

Terence was only wearing a thin shirt at the moment. Rainer, who was standing not far from them, was holding Terence's overcoat in his hand. He was also trying to talk Terence out of the bet.

"Miss Carla is right, Mr. Terence. You should take care of your body. You don't have to agree to this bet. If Mr. Nicholas heard that you agreed to swim in the icy water in such a cold day, both Nathan and I would be surely scolded," said Rainer to him pleadingly.

"When did our Mr. Terence become so delicate? Can't you decide on your own whether or not to accept my challenge, Mr. Terence?" Johnny sneered at Terence when he heard what Carla and Rainer said.

"Shut your mouth, Johnny!" Carla glared and shouted at Johnny as soon as she heard his words.

She kept on stopping them because Terence just recovered. The cold water was surely more than he could stand.

Besides, it was really unnecessary for them to do such a childish bet because both of them were no longer teenagers anymore.

"You only want to challenge us, don't you? Can we just change the bet? The water is too cold. What if I become your rival instead?" Carla asked him suddenly.

Someone tapped Carla's shoulder as soon as she was finished with her words. She turned a

n leg.

As the one who suggested the game, Julissa obviously became one of the participants. She also suggested that every one of them use the same perfume just in case the men use Carla's scent as a clue to find her easily.

Aside from that, they were also asked to take off all of their jewelry

because Carla did not have any on her.

The difficulty of the game had been tripled.

While her head was resting on her hands, Carla turned to the direction of Terence and Johnny. The two competitors were currently still preparing for the game. They were so engrossed in their own preparation that they did not even look at each other.

There was only one rule. The one who could find Carla faster would win the game.

It was decided that Johnny would go first.

Carla glanced at Julissa who was sitting a seat away from her.

She noticed that Julissa's eyes were looking at Terence from time to time. She was also acting a bit restless. 'She was the one who proposed the game. Why is she so nervous?' Carla thought to herself.

Carla moved her eyes to the top of Julissa's head. She suddenly realized that Julissa fixed her hair in a way that it was almost identical to Carla's.

At that moment, Johnny began guessing. The men were allowed to touch the women's hands and head in the first round.

Johnny eliminated several of the girls by only touching their wrists. He had a special method of his own.

If he thought that the woman could be Carla, he would put a card on the table in front of her as his marker then he would come back to touch her again after a while.

When Johnny was approaching Carla, she looked at her wrist and rolled her eyes.

An idea suddenly came into her mind.

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