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   Chapter 304 I Want Your Life

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9050

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Carla cast a glance at Terence. Then, she raised her chin and turned to the woman who was trying to seduce Terence with her eyes. After looking at the women for quite some time, she turned to Terence and asked him deliberately, "She's inviting you for a drink. Why aren't you going to respond to her?"

But Terence didn't even look at that woman. He said with a frown, "I don't have time for that."

They both didn't notice that the woman had strode over to them. "Mr. Terence, I'm Julissa Zou, Chairman Zou's daughter. We have met before. Do you still remember me?" the woman then candidly introduced herself. She knew that Terence didn't even take a glance at her. She felt a little upset but she refused to give up.

Carla pulled at Terence clothes lightly, prompting him to greet her at least in order to show courtesy.

Upon noticing Carla's gesture, Terence finally looked at the woman. He raised his lips to show a small smile and then stated, "Miss Julissa! Yes, I remember you. But my girlfriend is not feeling well right now, so I need to accompany her."

"Well... In that case, I'll just wait for you then," Julissa Zou said. The disappointment was apparent in her voice. She didn't wait for them to respond and just left. But before she could do so, she made sure to look at Carla from head to toe, jealousy pouring out from her eyes.

"Wow, did you notice how upset she was?" Carla said sarcastically when she saw that Julissa Zou left being very disappointed.

Terence held her waist with one hand, leaned closer to her and stated, "Don't be jealous. Sometimes, we just need to exchange courtesies with people who we don't like for etiquette."

With Terence's identity and position, it was inevitable for him to interact with some women in public.

What happened just now was a perfect example of basic etiquette for him.

After a short while, Rainer came towards them and immediately bent down. He reported, "Mr. Terence, Mr. Rhys is inviting you over."

"Okay, I see," Terence responded. Then he whispered to Carla, "Wait for me here. I'll come back soon." He turned to Rainer and said, "Rainer, stay here. Take good care of her."

After Terence left, Carla remained in her seat for a while, feeling a little bored.

When she finally had it, she stood up and took the crutch beside her. Then, she walked towards the door in front of her and said, "Rainer, let's go outside to watch the stars!"

Rainer immediately came to help her and they went outside together.

"Miss Carla, slow down. Stay here and wait for me, please. I'm going to get a chair for you," Rainer said. He thought that it would be inconvenient for her to stand there. Since it was windy on the deck

you want as long as you give her to me."

Johnny looked at Terence impassively and then turned to the woman who forced Terence in there.

Ironically enough, Terence seemed calm when he was finally in front of them.

However, that changed in a second when he suddenly grabbed Johnny's shirt collar.

He stated firmly, "I want your life as payment. Can you afford that?"

Johnny leaned back a little but he wasn't mad because of Terence's statement. He responded, "Really? Okay, sure! I'll give you a chance to have my life. If I win, she will belong to me. Deal?"

Carla stared at them while she was becoming more and more enraged with their conversation. She took off the coat and threw it to Johnny.

She shouted, "Stop!"

Then, she glared at Johnny and said, "Johnny, I think I've made it clear to you. I don't need your concern! I didn't need it before! I don't need it today! And I certainly won't need it in the future! As for whom I belong to, both of you don't have the right to make that decision for me!"

Who she chose to be with should be by her own will. It should be her choice and her choice only.

"Right, we both can't make that decision for you. But can you give me a chance to compete with him and show you that it's me who actually deserves you?"

Johnny stated while he adjusted his collar, looking straight into Carla.

"Terence, how about making a bet with me? Let's both jump down from here. If I can swim to the other side faster than you, I win!" Johnny said as he turned to Terence.

He then continued, "If I win, you need to give me a chance to compete fairly with you. After all, you haven't gotten married yet. I can still pursue her. Are you brave enough to make a bet with me?"

Johnny looked at Terence with defiant eyes, waiting for his answer.

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