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   Chapter 303 Crazy For You

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"Rainer?" Carla spoke up. "Did you wait for too long?" "N-No. I only waited for a few minutes, Miss Carla. A-Are you ready?"

Rainer stammered, staring at her startled.

Carla wore a dark red off-shoulder evening dress. This emphasized her beautiful porcelain skin. The front and the back of the dress were decorated with embroidered roses.

Her dress reached until her ankles. In that way, her broken leg could be concealed perfectly. No one would find out that something was wrong with her leg if she ever stood still.

Her hair was adorned into a bun with a few wispy strands on her neck. She completely looked like a beautiful nymph in legends.

"Of course! Let's bring it on! It took me time to get dressed. So I would like to apologize to keep you waiting,"

Carla said with a guilty smile on her face. She took her crutch and went to the elevator.

Rainer still couldn't help but admire her. As he saw her going to the elevator, he immediately followed her and pushed the buttons for her.

"Miss Carla, you look beautiful today,"

Rainer complimented, lowering his head bashfully.

Carla grinned, "Why are you blushing? Are you really that busy that you don't have time to go out with any girl? Hm. I'll convince Terence to give you a vacation. What do you think?"

Rainer shook his head and answered, "Thank you, Miss Carla, but there is no need. As Mr. Terence's personal assistant, I oftentimes meet a lot of people. I also meet a lot of girls. But every time I hear them chatter, it just makes me feel annoyed.

Please don't take it wrong, Miss Carla. I am not referring to you. It's just I'm so used to being alone and I just don't want to have a relationship right now."

Carla blinked and her eyes went wide. "Wait! Terence meets other girls often?"

"Well, when he's at the company, he seldom meets girls. But in other situations such as parties, they would ogle around him. You know how most girls are into attractive rich men, right?"

Rainer stated.

Carla knitted her eyebrows together and thought, 'Well, it kind of makes sense.

If so, then there will be a lot of girls who will try to get his attention tonight.

Well, it's inevitable.'

Finally, they stepped out of the villa.

Rainer helped Carla open the back door of the Rolls-Royce car.

Around half an hour later, they arrived at JA Sea. It was called such

n surprise. "Why is Johnny also here?"

Terence hesitated and sighed, "Rhys told me that Johnny kept insisting on coming even though he wasn't invited. He had no choice but to grant his stupid request. What a cheeky guy! Carla, what do you think he is here for?"

Looking at his serious eyes, Carla stammered, "I-is it f-for me?"

Even if she had a temporary amnesia, her memory was almost recovered. Johnny had chased her crazily during the time he thought Terence didn't survive the accident.

Ever since Terence came back, he had never showed up.

"Who else would he come for if not you? He's been coveting you for quite a while now. What do you say about throwing him out from the deck to the sea?" Terence wrapped an arm around her shoulders and lifted her chin up with another hand.

When Terence was in NF City, there were three people behind the plot of murdering him. Amongst them was Marcus who had been punished.

The other two who were also involved were Johnny and...

"There's no need to show mercy on him. I get an injured leg but my other leg is ready to kick him anytime!" Carla spoke as she pushed him away and stretched out her uninjured leg.

Seeing Carla expressing her hatred for Johnny in such a manner, Terence felt a bit glum. He wondered, 'If she knew Noah also took part in the conspiracy, would she team up with me against him?'

As they talked about Johnny, a bold woman walked over and looked at Terence with expectant eyes.

She spoke up with a smile, "It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Terence. May I have a drink alone with you?"

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