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   Chapter 302 To Satisfy His Lust

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 9848

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"Carla, why are you looking at me like that?"

Terence looked at her face while raising an eyebrow. He stretched out his hand and pinched her cheek then said, "Aren't you happy with that your lover has a good sexual appetite? I'm sure that I have also proved my ability in satisfying you inside the bedroom already. Do you want someone impotent as a lover?"

Carla immediately answered, "Of course not. That's not what I meant. It's just that my leg hasn't recovered yet. I hope you could control your strong desire for a while just until I've recovered fully..." Carla felt a little shy when she said that to Terence. Carla patted her injured leg lightly then said, "Would you like to accompany me to see the sea for a while?" She then placed her hand on Terence's neck and then touched his hair to comfort him.

Terence took a deep breath to control his desire. He then leaned lightly on her shoulder and agreed to accompany her to see the view.

However, he really couldn't help himself from touching her so he rubbed her back with his hand while looking at the view.

After a while, Carla suddenly felt a little cold. She looked down only to find out that Terence had took off her clothes. She then turned her eyes to the man beside her and saw that his eyes were already burning like fire with desire.

She knew that it was hard for him to control himself when his lust and desire took over him.

Besides, there were only the two of them there at the moment.

In the end, she decided to just satisfy his lust and desire...

Terence and Carla didn't go downstairs until it was lunch time.

After lunch, Carla went back to their bedroom to sleep. Terence rested for a while then went to work that afternoon.

At dusk, Carla woke up and went out of their bedroom.

She walked around the small garden while admiring the flowers that had fallen that season. She was also enjoying herself while listening to the sound of the waves. She felt extremely happy and peaceful.

After a while, Sean got home from school.

Sean told Carla a lot of interesting stories that happened to him in school. He was proudly telling her that his grades were in the top three of their whole grade for the mid-term exam.

What made Carla more surprised was that Sean had joined the swimming team in addition to the basketball team that he had joined before. As his sister, she was really happy to see that her brother was growing healthily and energetically.

When she saw that Sean had grown into a tall and confident boy, she was glad that she made the right decision to take him to JA City.

The education here was much better than that in BH City.

More importantly, Sean was becoming more and more confident in his new school. It surprised Carla a lot.

"Miss Carla, sorry for interrupting! But Mr. Terence is calling," Sophie said while interrupting Sean and Carla's conversation.

Sophie came over and handed

ce! I was caught up in the moment," Sean immediately apologized. His hands, however, were now shaking her arm.

When she saw that Sean deliberately grabbed her arm, Carla raised her hand and flicked his forehead. Then she shouted at him, "Sean, if you continue touching me, I'll take the whole pot and pour oil all over you!"

But her warning didn't work on him. Soon there were several oily fingerprints on her white shirt.

Sean stuck out his tongue to Carla and then walked away from the table with a chicken leg in one hand. Then he said with a smile, "Come on! Can you even catch me? I'm just standing here!"

As soon as Carla stood up, she felt a sudden pain in her injured leg. She could only sit down and continue her dinner.

Carla and Sean would argue frequently when their parents were still alive. In the past two years, the arguments between them had decreased a lot.

But still, it was inevitable for them to argue now and then.

Soon, Carla was finished with dinner.

Carla went back to her bedroom to prepare for the party. Rainer came to pick her up after a few hours. He also brought her a set of clothes.

The clothes were very beautiful. It had a fresh fragrance that could make people feel pleasant. However, she believed that she wouldn't become beautiful no matter what clothes she was wearing. After all, her injured leg looked ugly already.

But Rainer made an effort to bring her the clothes so she decided that she would definitely wear them.

She thought that she should also do her makeup to match the beautiful clothes.

When she was finished with her preparations, she finally left the room. Rainer was already waiting for her outside.

She greeted him, "Rainer, have you been waiting for a long time?"

Rainer was originally waiting by the corridor. When he heard Carla greet him, he turned his head to answer her. However, as soon as his eyes landed on Carla, he became speechless all of a sudden.

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