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   Chapter 301 Will He Regain His Energy Soon

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Amanda's eyes were burning with determination. She would rarely fail to get what she wanted ever since she was a child. This would never be the exception.

She was obviously much younger and more beautiful than Carla.

If only she would be given a chance.

People said that Carla saved Terence's life and even went to NF just to rescue him at the risk of her own life. That was probably why Carla had such an unshakable position in Terence's heart.

However, she believed that as long as she was waiting patiently, there would be a chance for her in the future.

When Terence came out of the South Yard, he didn't head to the office immediately. Instead, he asked Rainer to drive him straight to the Seaview Villa.

"Is there any updates from our informant in the Hua Group?"

As soon as Terence got into the car, he immediately asked Rainer and Nathan who were sitting at the front of the car.

"Noah is still the one who is in charge of the company. There's not much difference from the last time. However..."

said Rainer hesitantly.

"What is it?" urged Terence while checking the time.

"When Allen died, something happened. However, our man doesn't know what it was because he was not there when it all happened."

Rainer hesitated for a moment before he continued, "It's said that Miss Carla was also there. Maybe you can ask her what it was?"

Terence rubbed his chin then looked outside, pondering.

"Did our informant notice something? When Carla went out, what did she look like? And what about Noah? Is there any other news?" asked Terence.

It was the Hua Family's business so he couldn't possibly just ask Carla about it.

"He said that Miss Carla seemed really down when she went out that day. Noah was just like his normal self. Mr. Terence, do you also think that there is something strange going on?" replied Rainer.

"I agree with you, Rainer. Noah seemed to be too calm under that circumstance. It just seemed weird. He should at least be sad about it all,"

Nathan added while backing up Rainer.

Terence who was sitting at the back furrowed his eyebrows. He was deeply lost in his own thoughts. Then he said, "Nathan, we are close to Albert, right? Send someone reliable to visit him to get some information."

"Yes, Mr. Terence. We will do so immediately." Nathan nodded.

"As soon a

ing Rainer's presence, Terence's brow furrowed. Irritated at Rainer for interrupting, he took off one shoe and threw it at him hard.

"Get out!"

Carla was extremely embarrassed for getting caught. She quickly stopped and got off Terence.

Rainer didn't dare speak a single word. He turned around immediately back into the elevator. He pressed the down button with his back facing the door. He didn't turn around until the door closed. He wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead.

"Carla, let's continue what we were doing.

I am not yet satisfied." Terence leaned towards Carla for a kiss but she pushed him away.

"Forget it. It's broad daylight. Let's just enjoy the sea." Carla cleared her throat and straightened up to tidy her skirt.

It was really embarrassing to get caught while they were in the middle of their make-out session. If they were seen again, she would surely die of embarrassment.

Terence lifted one eyebrow and whispered in her ear, "Nobody will come up again. I am already aroused. If you don't believe me, you can check it to make sure that I'm telling the truth."

Then, he grabbed her hand to make her feel his erection.

Carla's hand immediately stiffened when she touched him. It was as if she was burnt by a hot iron. Her face blushed. "We just had sex this morning before getting up. It was just a few hours ago. How could you possibly regain your energy so soon?"

They also had a lot of sex last night. Their morning sex was just about three hours ago.

How could he do that so easily without getting tired?

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