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   Chapter 300 I Must Marry Him

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After hanging up the phone, Terence couldn't help frowning with annoyance. He turned around to see the beautiful Carla leaning against the door looking at him.

Carla asked, "Was that from your father? What did he say that made you so angry?"

"Nothing serious. It's just some trifles,"

Terence replied. He put his arms around Carla's waist and kissed her. "My father will come here and pick me up after some time. I'll have to run some errands with him. Could you wait for me at home?"

With her arms entwined around Terence's neck, Carla smiled and replied as she moved her fingers gently around his earlobes, "All right. Even I was wondering when I would be able to get some rest. Now you have given me that chance. You go ahead."

After a moment, Edmund's car arrived at their house.

Unable to avoid Edmund's instruction, Terence got into the car, his eyebrows still stitched in a tight frown.

"Terence, I know you love Carla, but you can't devote all your time to her. A man shouldn't invest all his energy into one woman."

Edmund kept imposing his values affectionately on Terence on their way.

"I wouldn't oppose you to marry Carla, but I suggest you divert your attention from her for a while and focus on other things as well. You should live life the way you want. Look at your brother Rhys."

Rhys was a playboy. Even though he had a fiancee, he still went out to have fun with other women.

Though having too many affairs was morally wrong, a man, especially those with high positions as Rhys and Terrence, need not care too much about fidelity, otherwise, it would be considered as their weakness.

"Like what you did to my mother, right?"

Terence blurted and gave out a cold laugh. He looked away from Edmund as his eyes darkened with resentment.

Terence's reply suddenly brought forth a spell of silence that made the air a little heavy between the two of them. Edmund froze in his seat for a while and then he cleared his throat and looked out the window.

Terence's mother had been a taboo between the father and son.

Marrying Edmund was Terence's mother's biggest regret in her entire life. If she had a choice, she would never marry this man, who had ruined her happiness.

Terence had witnessed the perils his mother had to go through and therefore, Terence had sworn in his mind at an early age that he would not let his woman suffer like his mother.

He would make his future wife the happiest woman not just in JA City but the whole world. He would treasure her forever.

Edmund, of course, would not understand that. And Terence didn't have any in


Seeing Terence coming out, Amanda's parents hurried inside.

Amanda was not crying anymore but was staring blankly outside the window.

She was surprised at Terence's reaction, but on the other hand, she felt a little delightful as well.

She was right about Terence. If it was any other man, he would have come forward to comfort her seeing her crying like that. But Terence was different.

The more indifference he showed, the more certain she was that Terence was the man she was looking for.

"Mom, Dad, I must marry uncle Terence. I'll be his wife,"

Amanda said with a determined tone, her eyes still red.

"Amanda, be real! He won't even let you touch his hand. Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Amanda's mom persuaded.

"Mom, you don't understand. That he doesn't touch me now means that he won't touch other women if I become his wife in the future,"

Amanda said, her face breaking into a broad smile. "This is the man I'm looking for! I want a man to be faithful to me. Now that I have finally met one, why should I give up?"

"But Amanda, Terence is already with Carla. You don't have a chance."

Amanda's mom kept persuading her into giving up the idea.

"It doesn't matter. As long as he's not married, I still have my chance," Amanda said, heaving a sigh and regaining her confidence.

Carla was not born from a wealthy family. Yet Terence's sincerity and faithfulness towards her indicated that he was not that kind of man who cared about fame and money.

Besides, Carla was not a stunningly beautiful woman either. It meant that Terence didn't care too much about a woman's appearance.

Amanda was right about Terence. He was the exact man that she wanted to share her life with.

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