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   Chapter 298 You Are Really Generous! (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6169

Updated: 2019-08-16 20:24

"Is that true? Please be more careful next time. Try not to let it end up being an untreatable injury. There was one classmate of mine who also got his leg injured once. And from that moment on, he had been walking with a limp. Not to alarm you or anything, but even up until now, he still can't move around normally!"

Amanda advised her, wearing a flustered expression on her face.

Caught completely off guard by her reaction, Carla couldn't help but let out a soft smiled, saying, "I appreciate your concern. Thanks."

When she consulted the doctor, she had been told that the injury she sustained wasn't anything serious, so, typically, there shouldn't be any permanent damage to her leg.

Wondering deep inside, she thought, 'Could she be overthinking things?

Or, was it that she really wanted me to end up being lame for good?'

After a while, the meeting wrapped up eventually.

Due to the current state of her injury, Carla found it quite difficult to stand up and greet Terence when he showed up. So, she had been forced to watch Amanda holding back a chuckle as she approached Terence.

"Uncle Terence!" Amanda called out to him.

"Hello, Amanda. Your grandpa will be coming down in a few minutes," Terence politely greeted her. Then, just as he was about to go over to where Carla was, Amanda abruptly stopped him in his tracks and grabbed his arm.

"Uncle Terence, I was actually waiting for you. I have two tickets for the concert. Would you like to come and see it with me later tonight?" Amanda excitedly invited him.

Quietly sitting still on the sofa, Carla couldn't do anything but act like she didn't hear a word Amanda said. Focusing her attention on anything else, she looked away to the other side.

She mused, 'Concert? This little girl can be so upfront. Hasn't Terence already told her that I'm his

Terence made it clear.

As it turned out, the reason why Amanda just kept on referring to him as "Uncle" was because she just wanted to be polite.

"Well? What are you trying to say? So, you mean you can get married normally since no one would have a problem about it? Then what is there to be worried about? Just go ahead and marry her!"

Carla yelled out loud, sounding so resolute.

Upon hearing her utter those words, Terence squinted his beautiful glistening eyes. Then he blurted out, "There are lots of other girls like Amanda in the Ans family. Do you think it would be a good idea to marry all of them?"

"I think you're quite capable of pulling it off. You can just follow your father's footsteps. For as long as your wife doesn't have any qualms about it, you can take in as many lovers as you want aside from her," Carla nonchalantly responded, as though she was really serious about it.

Terence pretended to be so shocked and glanced at her. While chuckling, he commented, "Wow, I never would have imagined that you'd be so generous!"

He was fully aware that she was only fooling around with him, but it was true that he got a bit caught off guard by the way she was able to say that so nonchalantly.

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