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   Chapter 297 You Are Really Generous! (Part One)

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Feeling a bit anxious, Carla asked Terence, "Is Rhys going to end up being the same as Marcus?"

Carla was a little worried that Rhys would be willing to go through lengths just to get a hold of Terence's position.

Taking a seat on the sofa and crossing his legs, Terence went ahead and told her, "No, I don't think so. He is a clever businessman. In fact, he is perceptive enough to have a solid grasp of the present situation."

"Do you really think it would be okay to attend the dinner party tomorrow evening?" Carla asked him with a sullen look on her face.

"Of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

Terence replied, smiling at her as he swayed his legs.

Then, in an attempt to put her mind at rest, he said, "After all he is still my brother. There used to be three brothers in the Ans, but now there are just two left. The AJ Group of companies owns a number of different industries. With that in mind, Rhys can lend me a hand in running some of them. And even though he might not be as good as Marcus, he will, at least, be able to help around a little if I just find an appropriate position for him to fill."

In spite of everything, Rhys was also a son of the Ans. And he might be far from being as good as Marcus when it came to managing a business, but he was still relatively better than the average person.

As she listened to Terence's response, Carla lightly bobbed her head along.

When he was done talking, she wondered, 'Oh, that's right. They are indeed related by blood.

I hope Rhys will be much more reasonable so that he can help Terence better and not follow Marcus' footsteps and resort to doing underhanded things.

The AJ Group manufactures various goods all over the world. If Terence has to manage the business all by himself alone, he will end up being much too busy for anything else.

atever she wanted without a care in the world.

But the gods watching over her from above seemed to be so fond of tormenting her and seeing her in agonizing pain.

Moments later, Terence and Carla arrived at the venue for the meeting—the An's Mansion.

While Terence was still attending the meeting, Carla decided to just wait for him at the hall downstairs.

Considering that this was a family event, so every person present should, of course, be a member of the An family.

That being said, she wasn't the only person who was waiting for someone at the hall.

She stumbled upon a girl whom she had already met once before in the Ans. If her memory served her right, the girl's name was Amanda. At any rate, how could she ever forget the girl who was referring to Terence as her uncle but still wanted to marry him anyway?

"Carla? Your leg..."

Staring intently at the crutch which had been supporting Carla, Amanda asked inquisitively.

"I unfortunately got involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and fractured my leg," Carla explained. Although it looked rather unseemly, she lifted her injured leg on the sofa's armrest because it would feel a hell of a lot more comfortable that way.

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