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   Chapter 296 Mr. Rhys Is Coming (Part Two)

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"He actually tried to stop us at first. However, after he watched the surveillance video and found out about Marcus's plot to hurt grandpa, he immediately changed his mind. Father has repeatedly stressed the importance of being filial to our elders. So Marcus actually dug his own grave. He would spend at least twenty years in prison!"

Terence said, the bitterness never leaving his face. 'When Marcus gets out of prison, he will be in his fifties. By then, even if he would be enraged with the senior family members' decision, it will be useless for him to complain or do anything about it, ' he thought.

If Marcus had not plotted to harm Nicholas, the senior family members would not have decided to send him to prison. At best, they would probably banish him to a remote and desolate area. They would also restrict his freedom and financial resources. It would have been better than spending the rest of his life in prison.

If he hadn't been cruel enough to hurt his own grandfather, he wouldn't have ended up like this.

"Marcus is now finally getting what he deserved! Terence, don't show him any ounce of mercy this time! He had the nerve to try and murder his own brother and his grandpa! Such a wicked man doesn't deserve to be forgiven!"

Carla said with a furious look on her face that Terence had never seen before.

When she remembered what had happened in NF City and how much Terence had been affected by it, all the rage that she had kept began to rise up again. When she remembered how he almost died and how she almost lost him, she found it hard to suppress her anger from the bottom of her heart. 'It's a light punishment for him t

he turned his attention back to Terence and said, "Terence, there's a party tomorrow evening. I would like it if you could join us. We haven't had a party in a long time!

You must definitely make the time to attend the party, right?

It'd be more awesome if Carla is free, then you can go together with her. If we all go to the party, we can all have a good time. I will also invite you to dinner. Only our family will attend the party and we can talk freely!"

Rhys looked at Terence, his eyes glowing with enthusiasm. He was waiting expectantly for Terence's answer.

After a while, Terence replied with a smile, "Fine, since you, my brother, invited me to the party, I must promise you that I will come either way."

"That's great! It's settled then. Okay, I won't bother you anymore. I'm leaving now!"

Rhys was very glad that Terence promised to come. After saying goodbye to Terence and Carla, he left in a joyful mood.

Carla looked at Terence with bewilderment in her eyes. Then, she frankly said, "Terence, according to my observations, neither of your brothers is normal, am I right?"

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