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   Chapter 295 Mr. Rhys Is Coming (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 6047

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Rainer approached Carla in an attempt to tell her something. However, he could only mumble to himself.

At that moment, Carla was watching a TV series on a tablet. She looked up at him and asked, "What's the matter, Rainer? Do you have something to tell me?"

Rainer secretly looked at Terence who was busy with his work in front of his desk. Then, he rolled up his sleeves to show her his arms. He said, "Miss Carla, look at this. Since you left, we had suffered a lot..."

Carla was surprised to see the bruises on his arms.

"Did Terence mistreat you?" she asked, confusion apparent in her eyes.

Rainer turned to look at Terence once again. Then he replied, "Yes, of course. He openly abused us. During those days when you weren't here, he would ask us to practice boxing with him. That happened every single day, Miss Carla. As a result, he beat Nathan and me until we were black and blue!

But it was my brother that had it the worst. Every time, he would get the hardest hits just for giving Mr. Terence some advice..."

In theory, injuries were unavoidable in a boxing ring. However, according to Rainer's statements, they got so much more than that. He and his brother were particularly miserable.

"Don't you have anything to do right now, Rainer? Have you forgotten your own duty?"

Suddenly, a cold voice from behind Rainer was heard. Frightened, he immediately turned around and quickly ran outside when he saw who it was.

Essentially, he was Terence's bodyguard first and foremost. He should be responsible for protecting him. Second, he was Terence's personal assistant. So he would often follow Terence around and would inevitably do some errands for him.

Terence looked at Rainer's back with a sullen look on his face. After setting the documents that he was holding

ndering about. I heard that your eldest brother wanted to harm your grandpa. He did inject some drug into his transfusion bottle, but how did your grandpa survive?" she asked.

Holding her gently in his arms, Terence said in a low voice, "Grandpa changed the drug."

"Ah? Is that so?" she exclaimed. Carla was a bit amazed. She couldn't believe that Grandpa Nicholas would do that. After all, he was patient and proper. Not even once had she seen him act inappropriately.

"In fact, we already knew about Marcus's plot at that time. So we prepared an identical syringe in advance. It was grandpa who changed the syringe when Marcus was not looking. Even if it was difficult for him to do that, the nurse who was responsible for taking care of him would try her best to help him," Terence continued to narrate.

Carla was dumbfounded with what she had been finding out. 'It was such a close call! It was just lucky that Grandpa Nicholas was finally safe, ' she thought.

"Won't your father stop you from sending your eldest brother to prison?" Carla continued her questions. 'Since Edmund has been so partial to Marcus, how could he have the heart to send him to prison?' she thought to herself.

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