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   Chapter 294 Who Touched Whom First (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6365

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As soon as the darkness enveloped the room, the sound of a few things falling on the floor could be heard momentarily. And now, the bed was all cleared up, with nothing to get in their way.

There was really no way to tell who touched whom first at this point, but all in all, things seemed to have went on without incident.


"Terence, please be gentle with me. You might end up hurting me," Carla felt a bit uneasy.

"Relax. I'll take it slow. Haven't you noticed that I've had the mattress replaced?" he whispered under his breath.

When she touched the bed to inspect it, she realized that the bed was much sturdier and comfortable than the old one. This way, it could lower the risk of worsening her condition while they were doing the deed.


Carla didn't say a word.

But she was completely aware that he had planned it all along for tonight, expecting that this would happen.

The following morning, Carla was so mad at Terence, cursing at him for about a hundred times from the moment she got up.

"For heaven's sake, Terence! How could you be so disrespectful to such a fragile woman? I think it only worsened my condition. My whole body feels so sore right now.

And I only have you to blame for that," she asserted.

A few seconds later, a man suddenly walked in.

Who else could it be but Terence?

He walked in on her wearing a childish grin on his face, carrying a tray of breakfast food in his hand. As it turned out, he actually overheard her complaining as he was walking through the corridor.

He originally intended to have a go at it just one time, but he just couldn't hold back his lust for her after they started.

The pain he had to go through recently got him all fired up. Every single time the thought of her almost forgetting all about him and falling for another man came into his mind, it drove him insane, fervently

put the key in the ignition.

Terence had been so concerned about Carla in these past few days.

He felt so apprehensive whenever she wasn't around him. And the only time he could truly be at ease was when she was with him. Otherwise, he would be on edge until he got to finally see her again.

Apart from heaving a heavy sigh, Carla couldn't say anything anymore.

Inside the AJ building, Carla simply lounged on the couch, looking over Terence while he was busy dealing with some business matters.

Rainer then stepped into the room and placed a huge pile of paperwork on top of Terence's desk.

"Mr. Terence, I just want to let you know that we're done filling up the vacant seats and finding some suitable replacement staff. And this pile I just brought in contains the updated financial reports," he politely informed him.

"Okay. Thank you. I'll just go through those later," Terence responded without bothering to look up since he had a lot of things to deal with at the moment.

With a slight nod to acknowledge him, Rainer turned around to exit the room and saw Carla quietly sitting on the couch. He decided to come up to her and greet her, "Miss Carla, I'm glad to finally see you again. Will you perhaps be staying for good this time?"

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