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   Chapter 293 Who Touched Whom First (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 6268

Updated: 2019-08-14 00:15

Terence got startled when Carla suddenly cried out, causing him to quickly pull his hand back in response.

"What's the matter? I'm just trying to help you take a bath. How else do you expect me to get it done without touching you?" With his eyebrows raised in surprise, Terence complained. Why was she being like that all of a sudden? She was the one who asked him to assist her in the first place.

"But I don't need your help. It's my leg that got injured. My hands are perfectly fine. I can do that on my own," Carla complained. Upon saying that, she immediately grabbed the sponge from his hand and proceeded to wipe herself with it.

Considering the fact that she insisted to just do it by herself, Terence got a bit disappointed and carefully stood up. Rolling down his sleeves, he told her, "If that's how you want it, then I suppose that's my cue to leave."

Looking so down in the dumps, he began heading toward the bathroom door to leave her alone.

"Wait a second! Please don't go,"

Carla beseeched him to stay, trying to stop him in his tracks before he could walk out of the bathroom. Given that her injured leg made it impossible for her to reach her back as she normally would, she still had to ask for his help.

Holding back a chuckle, he turned around and said, "If you really want me to stay with you and help you out, I would like to help clean up every part of your body. All of it or I don't help at all. Totally your choice."

In a blink of an eye, Carla instantly became red-flushed. Biting her tongue, she was hesitant to give him an answer for a moment there. But eventually, she turned her back to him and stretched out her arm to hand the sponge over.

"Okay, fine! Do whatever you like." She was left with no other choice but to give in.

She knew full well what he was planning to go with this. Even from the start, i

at was because all of his teasing made her long for his touch. And for that reason, she felt so irritated and burst into anger.

Carla tried to pull back and get away from him, but her injured leg made it hard for her to move. In the end, she bent her finger and enticed him to come at her.

"Please be careful! Try not to move around too much. Your leg is still injured. It's not the appropriate time to be doing that. No need to worry about me. I can handle it." Seeing her acting like that, Terence couldn't hold back his smile as he feasted his eyes on his precious woman.

In spite of having an injured leg, she still got captivated by him and seemed to be craving for him just as much as he had been for her.

Hearing his response, Carla abruptly started cracking up. While they were inside the bathroom, it looked like it was taking all of his strength just to stop himself from getting his hands all over her, but now, here he was playing so innocent.

So, she decided to play around with him a little.

"Let's see who will be the last one standing," she confidently challenged him, with her eyes dead set on coming for him. 

Rolling his eyes in response to her challenge, Terence said, "Let's turn off the lights first."

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