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   Chapter 292 I Want To Take A Shower!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 10195

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Carla couldn't believe that Noah would want to hurt her. She blinked her clear eyes, looked at Terence and tried to figure out the meaning behind his words.

She thought, 'When the accident happened, the airbag on Noah's side opened but mine didn't. Terence meant that it was not just a normal accident, so there was only one possibility left.

It could only be that Noah wanted to kill me.

But, I don't think...' Carla stopped her thoughts instantly.

She didn't want to believe that Noah would want to hurt or even kill her.

"If it wasn't that, then what else?" Terence asked her.

He pulled her close to him and gently caressed her injured leg with one hand. He said, "Carla, don't be too kind. Think about this. Once, you return to the Hua family as their only legitimate heir, who will be threatened the most?"

Terence paused for a while, trying to see Carla's reactions. Then, he continued, "If you didn't show up, who would be most likely to inherit everything that the Hua family has?"

Carla rubbed her temples, turned her head to look at him, and then said, "I know what you mean. But I'm still reluctant to believe that Noah would hurt me. He had saved me in HA City before."

Carla didn't want to believe what Terence had just said. She continued, "If he wanted to hurt me, why would he risk his life to save me?"

Carla was very confused so she tried to figure out all the information that she had. She thought, 'If Noah wanted to kill me, why wouldn't he just let me die at that time? If he had already killed me earlier, he could have avoided a lot of things from happening.'

"Everyone has a tendency to be indecisive especially with a lot of internal and external factors. But what will keep them consistent from the beginning to the end is a purpose. Noah is an ambitious man. Your return directly threatens his position and interests. He would stop at nothing to get you out of the way,"

Terence explained with a sigh.

He knew that Carla hadn't met such cruel things like this before. She was also kind, so she would naturally doubt what he had just said.

However, he wouldn't allow his woman to be hurt by others anymore.

So he would finally let her see Noah's true nature, bit by bit.

He would show Carla that Noah, who she regarded as a kind brother, was a vicious fox and not a gentle sheep.

"Let's stop talking about these unfortunate things. Hurry up and eat the soup!" Terence said.

He picked up the bowl on the table, took the spoon and started to feed her. He held up a spoonful before her mouth.

Carla agreed not to talk about Noah anymore. She opened her mouth to take the spoonful of soup. Then, she saw Terence pick out a delicious meat bone from the bowl and gave it to her.

He said, "If you just eat the stew, you'll be hungry really soon. The meat is also nutritious. Eat it!"

He thought that she should have more nutrients in her body. He didn't know if she had a good meal or sleep during the days when he was not with her.

Of course, Carla wouldn

ent for her.

She knew those handrails could be removed later, but they were very inconvenient for others even if it was just for a short period of time.

"Do you want to know what you could do to properly thank me?" Terence asked. When Carla didn't say anything, he continued, "Okay, I'll give you a suggestion. Marry me as soon as possible. I like to be practical. If you just keep on thanking me, I would think that you're not sincere. You should do something."

Then he poked her face with a smile and the white bubbles on his hand immediately went to her face.

"Grandpa has yet to find out that you're the biological daughter of the Hua family. And he had urged me to marry you for so many times already these past few days. He said that the situation of our family is relatively stable now and he wants me to get married and have children as soon as possible," Terence narrated.

Then, he added, "Grandpa also said that he would be happier if I had a shotgun wedding."

He lifted his sleeve and helped her scrub her hands.

"Are you telling me that you want to marry me just to make Grandpa happy?" Carla mockingly told him.

She grabbed a handful of bubbles and blew at them hard. She laughed even more when the white bubbles immediately flew to his whole body.

Terence waved his hand to fend off the soap bubbles. He stared at her with a smile and then said, "Nonsense. Who do you think will be the happiest when we hold our wedding?"

When she didn't answer him, he continued, "I just think it's the right time for us to hold the wedding. When the issues in the Hua family subsides a little, I will go to your home and ask for your hand once again," Terence stated.

While he spoke, his hand quietly reached into the bathtub.

Meanwhile, Carla was a little distracted. She was worried because Terence didn't know yet that she was going to be engaged to Noah, if he knew that...

"Ah!" Carla shouted.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted and then she stared at the man in front of her.

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