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   Chapter 291 Fight For Her Love (Part Two)

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"Miss Carla, please practice extra caution when you pass through the corridors. At first, I had a hard time comprehending what Mr. Terence was thinking when he had these handrails installed. Now, I realize what he intended it for. He could be so thoughtful sometimes!" Sophie remarked, smiling at Carla.

Holding a bowl of hot bone soup in her hands, Sophie approached Carla from the other side of the hallway.

Sophie used to think that those handrails would practically be useless, apart from it taking up so much space.

The second she saw Miss Carla trying to move around while holding onto the handrails, all of a sudden, everything became as clear as day.

She was aware that Miss Carla had gotten her leg injured and had a hard time moving around, but, of course, she couldn't really refrain from walking around the villa from time to time.

Besides helping her stay upright and preventing her from falling on the floor, these handrails could also help her exercise and rehabilitate her leg.

At the end of the day, it would indeed be too much of a hassle to move around the house using crutches, and Carla had never really been fond of bothering other people a lot.

"Miss Carla, Mr. Terence had asked us to prepare some soup for you. Would you prefer to come to your room and eat it there, or...?" Sophie asked, giving her a soft smile.

As soon as Carla went back home, the ambiance all around the house became much warmer, and Sophie also thought that it felt great having her there.

"Thank you very much, Sophie. I really appreciate it. I'll just have it in my room," Carla answered, politely smiling back at her. Then, she made her way to her room as Sophie walked right behind her.


Sophie responded with a lighthearted grin.

As warm as a fireplace, Carla felt the flame ignite, burning intensely within her heart. In spite of the autumn night being gloomy and chilly, she didn't feel cold whatsoever.

It was as though she had been wrapped in a blanket of Terence's compassion, making it bey

g another sip of the soup, she closed her eyes for a second, trying real hard to picture out the condition they were in when the accident occurred.

"Actually, Noah, seemed to be a bit out of it before it happened. But he said he was so exhausted during that day. So, I was under the assumption that driving while being over fatigued was the main reason why the accident happened," Carla gathered her thoughts.

Actually, she was completely aware that Noah barely had enough strength to be driving that day, so she just accepted the idea that it was all just an accident.

"Is that so? Then, why hadn't your airbag gone off immediately upon impact? Apart from being the general manager running the Hua Group of companies, Noah was also the eldest son of the Hua family. Do you honestly believe that the safety features of his car could be so subpar?" Terence asserted.

Squinting his eyes, Terence sneered and had his gaze fixated on her. Going on, he added, "Carla, if only the airbag on your side of the front seat had activated during that time, at the very least, the brain damage you received could have probably been avoided."

Carla intently stared at him that time, placing the bowl on the table in front of her.

Looking at Terence in utter disbelief, she exclaimed, "Terence, do you mean to tell me that Noah... was really intending to hurt me?"

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