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   Chapter 290 Fight For Her Love (Part One)

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In that instant, it had completely slipped Carla's mind that she couldn't walk yet. She let go of her crutch and frantically darted toward Terence.

In spite of that, before she could even take a single step forward, she got cradled by a pair of familiar arms.

Then, as Terence kept her close to his chest, he gently whispered into her ear, "Carla, please be more careful. How could you forget that you still can't walk yet?"

With her arms wrapped tight around him, she held him as if she hadn't seen him for a hundred years. Her eyes got deeply fixated on him from the moment she laid her eyes on him again after such a long time.

Terence was able to sense the passion in her eyes. All of the problems he had these past few days had been quickly melted away by her in an instant. At that point, he couldn't help himself from staring right back at her, as a smile crept onto his face.

He secretly thought, 'I was right. This woman still belongs to me!'

"Mr. Noah, we'll be going back to our home now. So long!" Terence raised his voice and told him.

Lifting Carla and carrying her downstairs, the two of them proceeded to leave Noah's villa immediately.

Even though Terence and Carla had already been gone for a while, Noah still stood there, staring blankly into the distance.

Gradually clenching his fist, a menacing smile slipped into his face.

'Carla, you'll be coming back to me soon enough, ' he pondered.

After spending some time with her, he had fallen for her so deep that he was willing to fight just against anyone to get her love.

With that in mind, the war had just begun.


Terence arrived there on his personal private plane. This made Carla feel more at ease, knowing that they would be able to avoid a couple of hours of turbulence on their way home.

The minute they stepped foot inside the plane, he fervently pressed his lips against hers without giving her any time to catch her breath.

"Carla, do you have any idea how much pain and suffering you've brought me these

more, "Sister! I know that you're just telling me that to make me feel better. Your leg won't heal, so it won't go back to the way it used to be before..."

"Keep your mouth shut! You're going to jinx it!" Carla blurted out.

Before Sean could begin to tear up again, Carla flicked his forehead and stopped him from crying.

Carla stayed up with Sean despite it being so late in the evening. Taking into consideration that Sean still had to attend his classes the following day, she had to go out of his room to let him get enough rest for tomorrow.

After coming out of his room, she realized that there was something that seemed unfamiliar to her in the corridor.

Due to the fact that she took the elevator when she headed upstairs, much too excited to see her brother after such a long while, she wasn't really paying any attention to her surroundings until now.

At that point in time, the lights illuminating the corridor were much brighter than it used to be. Taking a look around, she noticed that there was a row of solid handrails on both sides of the wall. And upon closer inspection, it had been clear to her that the whole corridor had been filled with these wooden handrails.

As she brushed her hands against the handrail, which happened to be just the perfect height for her, this filled her heart with so much tenderness.

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