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   Chapter 289 I’ll Hold My Girlfriend In My Arms

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9644

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Carla's leg was badly hurt. How could she possibly go back now?

She looked at her broken leg helplessly and sighed. It already restricted her freedom enough. What else could she do but depend on others?

Of course, she couldn't tell Noah what she thought. He was hoping that she would go back to JA City after their engagement. But she was so desperate to go back now.


Yes, Terence!' she suddenly thought.

Carla picked up her mobile phone to call Terence. She dialed his number but suddenly decided to hang up just before he answered.

'No, I can't be so impulsive.

If I call Terence now, it'll be impossible to hide it from Noah. I can't even go downstairs without others' help. How could I possibly ask Terence to come and pick me up now? How could I hide that from others?

If Terence met Noah, things would not be good.

Honestly speaking, things would become definitely bad if they ever meet, '

Carla thought. She was becoming even more confused now. She looked at her broken leg again, angrily. At that moment, she really wanted to see it off and replace it with an artificial one. At least with today's technology, it would be possible for her to walk on an artificial leg.

As she thought of this, she found her idea to be absurd. She tapped her head hard to remind herself to come back to reality.

'Carla, you must be dreaming!' she thought to herself.

Just then, her mobile phone suddenly rang.

When she saw the name on the screen, she quickly took her crutch that was nearby and went back into her room to answer the phone.

She dialed Terence's number just a few minutes ago. However, she hung up on him even before he could answer her. She didn't expect him to call her back.

"Did you call me just now?"

Terence asked her. Carla heard the familiar voice again on the phone. She hadn't heard it for quite some time now.

Carla leaned against the door with one hand supporting her crutch. Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes and her voice got choked up in sobs.

"Carla, what is happening to you?"

Terence asked. He was beginning to worry about her. Judging by her breathing, he was guessing that she was a little upset. With his brows furrowed, he said to her, "Wait a moment. I'll be right there."

"... Terence,"

Carla called his name. She just couldn't control herself when she heard his voice. There was something about him that could make her undone.

"Terence, I miss you... So much," she said while her tears were falling down her cheeks.

These past few days, she thought that she could stop herself from missing Terence. However, at that moment when she heard his voice, she realized just how vulnerable she was to him.

When she heard his voice, she just couldn't help but want to rely on him with all her heart.

When he heard Carla call his name, Terence became so excited that his hands

t then she gathered herself and tried to smile at him naturally. Then she said to him, "Noah, Terence came to visit me. I was just on my way downstairs to see him."

'It's useless to hide it from him. Terence was already at the door. It's better if I tell him frankly, ' she thought.

Hearing what she said, Noah looked unhappy for a moment. Then with a gentle smile, he said to Carla, "Really? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Wait a minute. I'll just change my clothes and take you downstairs myself."

Noah was about to go back to his room to change clothes when Carla stopped him and said, "No, you don't have to bother, Noah. I'll go downstairs to see him myself."

Noah turned around with a reluctant smile. Without looking at her directly, he said, "Well then, I'll take you downstairs in my pajamas."

Noah came closer to her and was about to pick her up in his arms. He thought it was only natural for him to do so because the wound in her leg wasn't healed yet. She still could not walk on uneven ground so it would be inconvenient for her to go downstairs on her own.

However, before he could even touch her, he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"You don't need to bother, Mr. Hua. I am perfectly capable of holding my girlfriend in my arms!"

Noah was dumbfounded because Terence came upstairs without his permission. A servant was running after Terence while panting. He shouted desperately, "Sir, sir... You are not allowed to go upstairs! Mr. …Mr. Hua. I am really sorry for the sudden interruption."

When the servant saw Noah, he greeted him in a respectful manner.

Noah gestured at the servant and said, "Don't be so nervous. Terence is one of my friends. You can go about your business."

Carla was standing beside Noah.

When she saw Terence, she looked at him intently. Her beautiful eyes lit up with great joy upon seeing him. It was as if she could see no one

but Terence.

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