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   Chapter 288 The Funeral (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5548

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"Oh, I'm fine. They sent me back earlier so I had a good rest," she said while she returned his smile.

After a sip of his water, Noah got up and sat by her side. He gently lifted her injured leg and put it on his thigh. He spoke again while he gave her a gentle massage, "I'm sorry, Carla. I still need several days to take care of some necessary things. I promise I will accompany you after I'm done."

After she heard what he said, Carla hesitated for a moment but she still asked, "That's okay, Noah. I can take care of myself. Although, now that everything is fine. Can I go back to JA City now?"

Noah's hand paused for a moment, then he asked, still with a smile, "Why, Carla? Are you missing Sean or Terence?"

Carla somehow felt a little nervous. She raised her hand to fix her hair and hide the embarrassment which was evident on her face. Then she answered, "I have already been far away from them for too long. I think it's time for me to go back. Sean is still so young. I couldn't stop worrying about him. I just really feel bad for leaving him alone."

Noah took a few moments to think about what she said before he replied with a sigh, "Carla, Mother was hoping that we could get engaged as soon as possible. She already told all our relatives and friends that we'll have our engagement ceremony three days later. But don't worry. Only some closed relatives and friends will attend the ceremony."

Carla couldn't produce any words after hearing what Noah had just said.

She was completely taken aback by his words. Everybody had been busy with the funeral recently and nobody even mentioned the engagement. Even she herself almost f

At that moment, one of the maids appeared by the door. She was afraid that she might interrupt their conversation so she hesitated for a while then told them carefully, "Mr. Noah, your room is ready. And just now, Mrs. Andrea called. She said since you haven't slept for two days you might as well go to bed and take a good rest tonight."

"Okay, just a minute. Thank you very much," Noah replied.

Meanwhile, Carla leaned closer to look at his face. He did look sallow and tired, which was obviously caused by lack of sleep. Then she told him, "Oh, Noah. You should go to bed right now. You had been overworking yourself for the past few days. Take a good rest so you won't get sick."

"All right. You enjoy reading. Please wake me up before dinner. I want to eat with you," he said with a smile. After giving her hair several gentle strokes, he stood up and left.

The smile on Carla's face faded away while she watched Noah's receding figure.

'God, I will be engaged to Noah in three days.

No, no. I need to go back to JA City before that could happen!' Carla exclaimed in her thoughts.

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