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   Chapter 287 The Funeral (Part One)

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Carla had her eyes fixed on Allen who was lying on the bed. He was so weak that it seemed like he would pass away the next second. Upon realizing this, all kinds of feelings welled up in her heart.

There was so much sorrow in the room which almost drove her crazy. If she could, she would escape from there and put aside all the responsibilities that she was supposed to bear as the only heir of the Hua family.

She didn't care if the family was having a crisis. It had nothing to do with her. She didn't want to be involved in this chaos.

She just wanted to go back and be with Terence, living a free and peaceful life with him. With Terence, there were no worries, no pressure, and no pain. She knew that Terence would always be her hero and save her from any troubles and miseries.

However, fate brought her back to the Hua family, forcing her to face all of these problems by herself.

It was true that it allowed her to meet her biological father after years of being separated. She should be happy. But how could she be when upon meeting him, he was on his deathbed? What was worse, he was even asking her to marry a man she didn't love. There was no way that she would want to, but since it was his final will, she couldn't find any reason good enough to refuse.

After a few seconds of silence, Carla said, "Of course, Father. I will marry Noah."

She promised against her will while she closed her eyes and quietly exhaled deeply.

Upon hearing what she said, Allen finally closed his eyes in relief.

A few seconds after, a string of beeps came out of the ECG monitor, indicating that Allen's heart had stopped beating.

It took everybody in the room several seconds

till a little boy at that time. Since she herself was too young to perform the funeral affairs, some elder relatives came to help her. But she had to put herself together and try her best to offer some help even though she was extremely devastated on the inside.

But she knew that her small foster family was not as powerful and rich as the Hua family.

They could only give her parents a simple funeral.

That night, Noah didn't come back to his house, just like the previous nights before that.

It was only until afternoon on the next day that he returned.

When Noah stepped into the living room, he saw Carla while she was reading a book on the sofa and at the same time, keeping her injured leg raised.

"Oh Noah, you're back,"

Carla stated while she closed her book. She saw Noah approaching her with a small smile. "How is everything going?" she then asked.

"Don't worry. The whole ceremony was almost over when you left. Everything is fine," Noah replied while he poured water into a glass. Then he asked with concern as he sat opposite her, "You must be tired yesterday. Are you feeling any better?"

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