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   Chapter 285 Did She Remember Everything

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The moment Andrea saw her husband kneeling on the ground, she quickly approached him and helped him up. She then said, "Allen, please stand up. I'll discuss this with Callie so please calm down."

"Callie, I beg you, please, I beg you..."

Allen desperately asked Carla while he knelt on the ground. He wasn't going to stand up if he didn't hear what he wanted.

Andrea didn't have the heart to watch anymore so she turned away.

Earlier that day, Allen had requested to leave the ICU for a short moment. He told her that he would announce his will so she quickly came to the hospital. But when she arrived, Allen said that he would ask Carla to marry Noah. Initially, Andrea ultimately did not agree with what he wanted.

Although Carla hadn't regained her memory yet, Andrea found out about her relationship with Terence. And after a much deeper investigation, it was perfectly clear to her the nature of their love story.

If Carla was willing to marry Noah, it couldn't be better. However, Andrea was sure that Carla wouldn't agree once she remembered everything.

Carla and Terence had gone through a lot of hardships to be together. And now, Allen would like to separate them and even ask her to marry Noah. How could Andrea support such a decision?

However, Allen was determined to get what he wanted.

Otherwise, Allen would be more than disappointed. Noah was an aggressive man. He would do everything to get what he wanted. If he knew Allen gave Carla the majority of his family fortune, he would definitely do something that would disturb the Hua family.

If that were to happen, the consequences would be unimaginable.

But, if they left all of their properties to Noah as he wanted, Allen wasn't convinced that the company's future would be guaranteed in his hands.

Therefore, there was only one way to make the best of both worlds.

That was to ask Carla to marry Noah. It would cement the foundation of the Hua family and most importantly, keep Noah loyal to the family.

Everyone knew that the Hua family wouldn't be able to exist without Noah.

When Andrea realized this situation, she finally agreed to help Allen persuade Carla.

She pleaded, "Allen, please stop acting like this, will you? Stand up, please. We already owe a lot to Carla, and what you're doing now will pressure our daughter. Don't do this, come on, let me help you up..."

Wiping her tears, Andrea used all of her strength to pull Allen up.

Carla couldn't help but tear up. She took a deep b

ould be able to do is to trouble himself. So I have to hide this from him and see what will happen, ' Carla decisively told herself.

"Mr. Noah, you're here," a voice from outside her ward exclaimed.

Carla realized what was about to happen

so she tucked her phone under the pillow. Wiping her tears and taking another deep breath, she turned to the door with a smile.

"Noah, you're here," Carla greeted.

Noah entered the room with a smile but it quickly faded. Although Carla smiled convincingly, Noah could see that she had been crying because of her swollen and reddish eyes.

"Carla, did you cry? What happened?"

Walking towards Carla with a bouquet of white roses in his hands, Noah asked while he put the roses in the vase, "Did you speak with Father?" Noah asked, thinking it was the most viable reason for her tears.

Nodding her head, Carla said solemnly, "Yes, I'm so sad to see him that way. By the way, where have you been? I haven't seen you this morning."

Placing a chair beside her bed, Noah sat on it and gently said, "There are a lot of things to prepare because of Father's current condition. Also, there are a lot of important things to be dealt with in the company so I'm a little busy."

Noah took out an apple from the cabinet and began to peel it...

"What's the matter? Are you bored?" he asked.

Carla tucked her hair behind her ears. She thought for a while before she responded, "Noah, I want to leave the hospital and see Sean..."

When he heard what she had to say, Noah's hand that was holding the knife trembled. In a second, there was blood coming from his hand.

'Did she remember everything?' Noah thought.

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