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   Chapter 284 What Should I Do

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Carla took a mouthful of porridge and nodded.

"Okay," she said. She agreed to visit Allen without a second thought this time.

When she heard that Carla agreed, Andrea nodded in relief. "Okay! That's good. Callie, you should eat more..."

Carla was soon finished with her breakfast.

She sat in a wheelchair and went up to Allen's room with Andrea.

Before entering Allen's ward, Carla saw two men in a suit standing outside. From their suits and appearance, she could tell that the two men were lawyers. At the same time, she also saw Bonnie who she hadn't seen in the past two days.

Bonnie was a little surprised to see Carla. It was still a little difficult for her to accept Carla's real identity.

Actually no one told her about Carla's real identity. Not until this morning when she felt that something was wrong did she finally decide to ask the others.

She was finally told that the biological daughter of the Hua Family was found.

The biological daughter was none other than Carla!

Bonnie was still in disbelief. She still couldn't accept the fact that Carla was the one that Andrea and Allen were looking for.

She was angry at Carla because she might replace her position in the family one of these days. What made her angrier was the fact that the person that would be replacing her was her mortal enemy Carla.

When Carla entered Allen's ward, she saw that the two people were listening to him while recording what he was saying.

When they saw that Carla had entered the ward, the two people stood up and greeted Andrea and her. Then they both walked out of the ward.

"Callie... Come here..."

Allen, who was lying on the bed, gently waved to Carla to come closer to him.

Andrea closed the door then she pushed Carla towards Allen while saying, "Carla, go on. Get closer to him and call him Father!"

Carla looked at Allen who was lying on the bed pale faced with weary eyes. She wanted to call him Father but she felt as if there was something blocking her throat. It was like she was being hindered from calling him "Father".

It took her a long time before she finally managed to say something.

"... Father."

When he finally heard his daughter call him Father, Allen nodded gratefully and held out his hand to her.

Carla came in a wheelchair so Andrea pushed her closer beside Allen's bed. Then Andrea excitedly said, "Allen, did you hear that? Callie is finally calling you Father..."

Allen held Carla's hand tightly. Because of his excitement, his breathing became a little faster.

He cried out to Carla, "Callie... I...I'm sorry. I hope that you could forgive all of my shortcomings to you..."

n't let other people know of your real identity except our own family. Would you please promise us to get engaged to Noah first?" Andrea begged.

Carla closed her eyes and pushed Andrea's hands away. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

"Auntie, I can promise you other things. However, this is related to my happiness for the rest of my life! I can't possibly promise you that I would marry someone I don't even love!" Carla exclaimed.

How could she possibly promise them that?

If she agreed, how could she explain this to Terence?

Terence and Sean were still waiting for her in JA City.

She and Terence experienced a lot together. His father Edmund's attitude towards her also eased a lot. She could finally see the beautiful future that she and Terence would have.

Why did her parents suddenly appeared and asked her to marry someone else?

She couldn't accept that!

She would never accept that!

When she closed her eyes to avoid Allen and Andrea, she heard a loud bang.

Carla opened her eyes and saw that Allen was climbing down from his bed. He was struggling to kneel at her feet.

He cried, "Callie... Callie... I'm really sorry! I don't deserve to be your father! It was all my fault... If it weren't for me... You wouldn't have left me and your mother..."

Allen was breathing hard. He clasped his fist tightly and spoke as loudly as possible, "As long as you promise to marry Noah, even if I die, I'll remember your kindness to the Hua Family..."

Carla sat in the wheelchair while looking at Allen who was kneeling on the ground. She was crying from the shock.

She bit her lip because she didn't know how to answer them.

She was so helpless and full of despair. 'What should I do?' she finally asked herself.

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