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   Chapter 283 Marrying Me Is The Best Choice

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"Noah, how is our father?"

the man asked. From his voice alone, Noah knew that it was no other than his second brother, York.

"He still couldn't get out of bed," Noah said while he walked down the corridor, heading towards the elevator. He didn't even look back at York.

Staring at Noah's back with a sullen look, York shouted, "Noah, why did you do that?"

Noah stopped and turned around slowly.

"Are you trying to hurt us? If Carla didn't come back, we'll all get what we want. Am I right? But you brought her back and told our father about her true identity!"

York said with a puzzled look on his face. Then he approached Noah and continued, "We're all adopted children of the Hua Family so we should be in the same boat. But…but it seems like you're trying to sabotage us. Why?

Without Carla, Allen would have equally divided the family estate of the Hua Family even if he was unwilling to do it. That way, neither of us would have suffered huge losses.

But now, what could we do?

All that we're going to have now is just a small part of our family estate. How can we possibly make a fortune out of that?"

With a bitter smile, Noah responded, "You're right. Sometimes, we're all in the same boat. But most of the time, we only care about our own interests, am I right?" He didn't want to listen to York's wretched statements. After all, they had lived under the same roof for so many years, so they knew each other well enough to know their thoughts and intentions.

In the Hua Family, none of them were Allen's biological children. In order to get their father's praise, they were all scrambling for power and status. They kept on doing their best to improve their abilities.

"But despite that, we should be united as one at this critical moment!" York raised his voice while he approached Noah with a grim look. "Noah, Carla's existence is a huge threat to us. If she's alive, we'll all come to a bitter end!"

As a matter of fact, York had tried to murder Carla before but he failed.

Since then, Carla had been protected by Terence so it had been difficult for York to seize the right opportunity to get rid of her.

Looking at York's covetous eyes, Noah glared at him and said, "York, I'll keep her safe and sound. I won't let you hurt her.

Now that she had already met our parents, it's too late for you to deal with her. At this point, if something happens to her, do you think Mother and Father will forgive you? Who do you think they'll be suspicious of when that happens? And if they prove that you're behind it, you won't have the chance to get a penny of our parents' family estate.

You've always been a wise man. Why would you want to do something stupid at this moment?"

After which, Noah tapped York hard on the shoulder and turned away.

Then, Noah hurried downstairs to Carla's ward.

He knocked on the door

elt hungry as soon as she woke up. She was about to call the nurse in when she saw Andrea entering the ward.

"Callie, you're awake!" Andrea excitedly said.

With an insulated lunch box in her hand, Andrea came over to Carla. Then, she greeted with a smile, "My daughter, I made porridge and bread rolls for you this morning. They're very delicious. Come and have a taste!"

Smelling the delicious porridge, Carla smiled happily. After wiping her hands with a piece of wet tissue, she couldn't wait to pick up a bread roll with black sesame seeds and ate it with relish.

"Oh, it's so good. It's very delicious..." she said with great content.

Since she was hungry and the bread rolls were not big, she finished one very quickly.

"Callie, you'd better eat them slowly. Just a moment and I'll bring you a bowl of porridge!" Seeing that her daughter was so hungry, Andrea couldn't help but feel sad while she served her porridge.

For years, Andrea had been looking forward to cooking a delicious meal for her own daughter. Since her wish finally came true, she felt really happy and excited from the bottom of her heart.

"Let me do it..." Carla said. Seeing Andrea's hands tremble with excitement, she took the bowl from her hands and served the porridge by herself.

A happy and satisfied look spread over her face while she ate the bread rolls with porridge.

With a tearful smile, Andrea watched as Carla enjoyed her meal. After a few minutes, she said, "Callie, your father will be transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward later.

According to the doctor's advice, we must ask your father to tell us everything he wants to say while he's still sane. Otherwise, I'm afraid he won't have the chance to do so in the upcoming weeks.

So, after you finish your breakfast, can you go and see your father again with me?"

Andrea asked while she looked at Carla with expectant eyes.

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